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    Quote from marie-francoise
    Do any of you hate clinical, or hated it when you were in nursing school?
    I am currently in my next to last semester of nursing school which will be over soon and I haven't really had "bad" experiences in clinic. This semester was split, have psych and the other med-surg. Psych was a little boring because there was so much down time and I hated listening to everyone's excuses as to why they drank or OD on something. When I switched to med-surg and saw who my CI was, I about quit. I was sure I was going to fail. I had heard nothing but horror stories about this woman, how she makes you feel incompetent, how you will never make it as a nurse, etc. Tomorrow is my last clinic day with this lady and I have to admit, she is one of the best CIs I have EVER had. Don't get me wrong, she's tough, but yet I've learned so much in the past 2 mths. Hopefully my final semester won't be so bad!!