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    Help! I need some suggestions for which theoretical framework to use on my thesis. My thesis is looking at the relationship between glucose levels and sternal wound infection rates in post-op open-heart patients. It doesn't have to be a nursing theory...just any theoretical framework. Thanks

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    Susyk...regarding your problem statement.. I think it is a wonderful problem statement appropriately backed up with facts and references. However, I am curious about your target population. Are you including all alcholics? Or just ones who think alcoholism is a physical issue; emotional issue; etc? What about alcoholics who haven't relapsed? Will their thoughts/feelings/opinions be included? If they will be included, will the type of program (if any) be included? Such as AA, private facility, etc?
    I too am a grad student working on the first 3 chapters of my thesis. What started as (what I thought) was a simple problem had more potential variables than I could have realized!
    Isn't research fun!?
    p/s..i love the picture of your dog~!