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    Quote from ruby vee
    i'm about to go "home" for thanksgiving -- probably one of the last thanksgivings my mother will recognize dh and i -- to spend the holiday with my folks in their haunted house. they've sold the farm recently, and part of the sale was the stipulation that they be allowed to stay in the house as long as they are able. the new owner, a friend of theirs, is planning to build a new house after his son graduates from high school in two years. (different school district and all of that.)
    Quote from ruby vee

    when i asked robbie about his plans for the farm, asking if he intended to use the house, he shuddered visibly.

    "i'd bulldoze it down," he said, "but i'm afraid it would set the ghosts free to wander. i think i'm going to have to rent it out. or exorcise it first."

    robbie is the first person to buy or consider living on the property in the past 150 years who isn't family. it seems that right after he bought the place, he stayed overnight with my folks to get an early start on deer hunting on his new property. my folks made him and his teenaged son comfortable on the hide-a-bed in the living room and everyone retired for the night. during the night, he heard music playing but couldn't find a source. then he heard voices talking -- couldn't distinguish the words, but what alarmed him was that the voices weren't coming from my parents' bedroom, but from the bathroom in the opposite direction. and when he woke the next morning, he found his boots had been moved from the living room into the bathroom.

    "i thought it was weird, but you know how your mother is," he said apologetically. (mom has alzheimer's and has been known to put stuff in some strange places.)

    the next night, exactly the same thing. music, voices and his boots were moved. only this time, his son's boots were moved, too.

    "i know the kid hadn't been out of bed all night," robbie said, "because i was lying next to him listening to him snore." when they went out hunting that day, robbie's son told him "i'm glad we're building a new house, because the ghosts don't want us to live there. they told me we're not family."

    i'm not looking forward to sleeping in that living room. i am family, but i doubt my super-religious baptist great-grandmother would appreciate my conversion to catholicism! i haven't slept in that house in years, but this year the cabin my sister built on the property won't be available for us!

    my dad owns a house in annapolis, maryland that has been in his family for generations. it was built in 1735 or 1745 and was a farm house originally and also was a retirement home/hotel. anyways, it had underground slave tunnels that connected to the river and the mayor's house but those were paved over like 20 or so years ago. the house has a servants staircase that is hidden between the walls and the basement is filled with broken down furniture from over the generations. my dad and his siblings and his mother would always smell weird perfumes in certain rooms or stale tobacco (no one smokes). the lavender perfume was supposedly my great grandmothers and the tobacco my great grandfathers but the other smells no one knows the connection. my mother was giving a tour of the house and the attic especially with all its antiques to her friend who sells antiques in the middle of august in maryland when you know it is so hot your skin is melting off when her friend was advising her to sell the furniture at such and such price and maybe put the house on the market when the attic turned ice cold all of a sudden. my moms friend freaked out and had to leave the top floor. the neighbors have reported an odd sighting of an old lady in a rocking chair in the window knitting even though the house is supposed to be vacant. not to mention some part of human remains my dad and his sister unearthed in the backyard when they were digging when they were like 10 years old.he is 72 years old now. also at 1:30 am every night people who stay in the master bedroom have reported hearing a gun cocking noise and footsteps pacing the bed(the bed is a four poster super old antique with the house) there is also the story of when i was left in the car when i was like 4 years old in the backyard by the pond strapped into the seat of my moms car when they accidently left me in it (4 kids so im easily forgotten in the mileu of unloading kids) when i was asleep. i woke up at like 3 in the morning from some voices and all the cars lights were on. i started screaming and crying of course until someone found me. the lights were off too by the time someone found me. my cousins had other scary stories of the place that they refused to tell me. i know that inthe early 19th century it was a convalescent/retirement home. in the basement there is still crazy old lady clothing thats just too dirty/moth eaten to sell or give away. oh and there was also a local famous artist that stayed there in the 1930s and went crazy and disappeared. also, my mom says that when my great grandmother died of small pox someone was looking at her oil painting and they swore it turned 3 dimensional at the exact time of her death. anyways, i've stayed at the house and its freaky but i feel safe and so does my family. its mainly outsiders that have terrible experiences. yeah so i dunno if im a believer but life is just weird sometimes

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    i really thought this thread would be bumping around this time of the year.....

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    wow! i thought i was reading a novel for a second! good writing skills!!!!!!

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    Im so sorry. I know what that feels like. You just need to start speaking up about things. Like when a doctor takes over your computer etc you just have to speak up and say "why did you close my applications when there are two computers available". Unfortunately, so many people lack common sense and its ok to remind them in a sarcastic/humorous way. Also, don't make yourself a martyr. Use the restroom when you need to. Patients' family being unreasonable, voice your concerns to them like they are slooooww about why you need them to move instead of being nice and shy.Explain your actions so they feel like an ass if they dont abide. We all have bad days but if you really feel the need to transfer to a different department than do it now and dont look back because I had a friend waste two whole years in a department where she ran around doing other people's work, she had to see a therapist because she thought it was her fault that she was depressed and stressed, (nurses ganged up on her and would talk about her in their native language in front of her and sit at the nurses station all day making her do everything), she finally transferred just to the night shift where everyone informed her that the day shift nurses have chased out all the new people by making them do their work etc. management eventually got involved and scared those girls into working again. hope your situation improves! just take a deep breath and think long and hard about it:redpinkhe

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    i would stay with your boyfriend because your time with him will be limited once you start school. i was just discussing this topic the other day with friends. we decided to move home to go to school because everything is so expensive. only in america is the stereotype prevailing where your a dead beat if you live at home. my friend in france lives with her mom and saves money to summer in other cities with friends where they rent a house.

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    are you at a hospital in san diego? haha those nurses there on l&d( in the family birth unit day shift) are lazy and need to retire!!! they scare off all their techs and cnas:heartbeat

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    i was at a sex show in amsterdam and one of the girl's performances involved birthday candles in the same way. hahah ( it was part of the tour package)

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    Quote from MLOS
    Umm ... I would think the doc splinted your ankle so that you didn't leave the dept. with an unsupported, non-immobilized ankle. Don't ya think?
    uhhh it was going to be splinted by the tech but he offered to do it instead. duh, and my friend who works in the department was laughing afterwards about the guys reputation.

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    i had my ankle splinted by the emergency department doctor. he wasnt an orthopedic guy just emergency medicine but i think he just did it to flirt with me and my friend. haha but he did a damn good job because my ortho doctor was impressed by the splinting job. i suppose army people get better training (doc was army vet)

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    i am currently an EMT student and will be doing my hospital time in a local ED soon. im doing a busy friday night shift and i was wondering if i could bring pizza for the staff? would they let me or is it a no no bringing goodies? too much of a kiss a**? also is there any tips for me so i can be very helpful and not in anybody's way?

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    i know that in high school this girl who was on ritalin would sell it to other kids because it would make them hyper. her parents sent her to some boot camp eventually.

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    marry a fishermen! that way you can relax on his boat and he can make you great sushi/ fish dishes. *sigh*

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    this is in response about the cat that senses death post (somewhere farther back in the thread). when i was growing up my housekeeper told us superstitious tales and one was that you never let your cat sleep in the same room as you because they suck your soul up. its a mexican urban legend. anyways haha i just remembered that after reading a post about it. just thought i would share!

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    i second the scripps reputation. i hope to work there after nursing school. when i went in for surgery on my ankle the nurses were telling me how awful sharp is.