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    I work at Loyola. My friend also works there and was looking to transfer to another unit. She had applied to come to the ER where I am. In March there were two positions open for the ER, she got the call for an interview then they cancelled. They put a hiring freeze on and told her jobs may open back up in June. It's almost the end of June and she hasn't heard anything. With all the cuts made, I don't know when anything will be opening up. Good luck!

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    In CEN

    Quote from GleeGum
    I passed!
    Congrats! Do you have to be an ER nurse for a certain amount of time before taking the CEN? Thanks@

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    I started 3 months ago and was the first of 11 new grads that were hired! I don't know where all the seasoned nurses are going!

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    Quote from MIA-RN
    If you are allergic to tylenol, aspirin, motrin, toradol, vicodin and percocet, and if morphine doesn't work for you...and you start asking for "what's that begins with a d? Dilau...dila...dilaudid! Yes that's it! I always get 2 mgs of dilauded!"...honey, don't expect to get it from me.
    Yeah, that one kills me. Or the "I need 4 of morphine and 25 of benadryl. I will ask for the same in one hour".

    Don't come into triage eating a juicy cheeseburger c/o abdominal pain or not being able to keep anything down.

    If I tell you there are no beds in the hospital and you will be staying overnight in the ER, don't ask me every hour if they found you a bed.

    If you request to talk to the doctor, I will let him/her know. When they don't come in, don't take it out on me. I cannot drag them into the room. They will come when they come.

    If you refused medication/diagnostic tests/blood draws, don't ask what's taking so long, why the doctor doesn't know whats wrong with you. Better yet, don't come in.

    I've only been working in the ER for 3 months, so I don't want to sound so jaded so soon! Don't get me wrong, I still love what I do!

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    Patient had low grade fever with an allergy to aspirin. Resident ordered aspirin. I asked the resident if she wanted to change it, she replied "no, put in the MAR the patient refused. She only has nausea and vomiting as a reaction to aspirin. I will put in for zofran too.". Are you kidding me? There are other medications to give for a fever! The attending fixed it, thankfully.

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    I recently bought Danskos at the advice of my co-workers. They are tough to break in but I haven't had back pain since I started wearing them! Plus, I am short, so they make me taller!

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    A lady came in and described sx of a yeast infection to me. However, she disclosed much more to the doctor (who was male, so I don't know why she didn't want to tell me but told him). She said she had an egg stuck in her vagina. So he asked 'like a vibrating egg?'. She told him no. Then he asked 'like a chicken egg?'. Again, she said no. Finally she said it was an easter egg! You know, one of those plastic easter eggs that you put candy in! So he comes out of the room and asks for assistance but says 'Who wants to go on an easter egg hunt?'. That made it the worst!

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    I understand that the ER is a busy place, and yes it is hard to manage your own patient plus teaching a new staff member. But think about the floors that are understaffed, it can be just as bad. I always found it funny that nurses during my clinical rotation hated working with students or new grads, its like they forgot that they were there once too...

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    Quote from MassED
    Congratulations!!! Have fun, learn a lot and good luck!!!!!


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    Just graduated from nursing school with my BSN. Starting at Loyola in July!!

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    Quote from traumaRUs
    IL also has a pre-hospital RN option. I live downstate IL in a rural area and have a PHRN license also. I volunteer on my EMS/fire dept.

    I live in IL, just graduated nursing school. I am starting in an ER in July. I took the EMT-B class last summer, but never took the exam for my license (there was confusion over whether I would have to take the National or the State). Should I bother getting my EMT license? I am interested in volunteering as PHRN. How do you become one? Thanks!

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    Quote from Michigan RN
    Thats exactly why new grads shouldn't be in ER. They need one year of med/surg experience, i don't care what anyone else says. And since when do they start IVs by doctors order?
    I just recently passed my boards and will start in a month at a Trauma Level 1 ER. I think it's should be on a person to person basis. There are some people that are just strong minded, it doesn't mean ALL new grads should be forbidden from starting in an ER. I keep hearing that, but from clinical, I know that floor nursing is NOT for me. I would get burnt out quicker that way than doing something I love.