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    I am a school nurse also for a high school and a middle school. I am so glad I do not have to wear whites. I do wear scrubs, so the students do identify me as the school nurse. I tend to wear mostly scrubs that are the school colors, So It looks like I have school spirit also. I love being able to wear scrubs that fit with the holidays themes though out the year. I work part time in a hospital setting on a pediatric floor. Full time for 20 years. I have ruin many white uniforms from things getting on them, Pens leaking or the return of the dreaded medicine that little Johnny did not like the taste of. I was so happy when they decided that kids where having white coat syndrome and we where able to begin where colored scrubs. In conclusion, I hope I never have to wear white again

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    i am an average nurse. i am 48 years old. i have been a nurse now since 1978. 26 years now