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    Quote from darla80
    the physician I work for is considering hiring an MA

    What is the pay rate for Medical assistants?
    What do you like about working in an office as a medical assistant?

    Joy and Smiles * Darla

    How are u doing? I am replying to your thread. I live in MA. and have just completed the medical assistant program. I attended 6 months of school which included alot of hands on and off lecturing/training. I also completed 2 months of externship. This was a total of 8 months. I have been looking for a job in that field for 2-3 weeks now. I keep in contact with my class mates and most of them were either hired at their externship site or elsewhere. Their pay ranged from $12-$16 an hour. The one's who worked at the clinic got paid the least, the one's working at the hospital got paid in between $12-$16 and... the one's working at the Dr office, especially PRIVATE PRACTICE DR> OFFICES got either $15 or $16 an hour.

    I have to admit this is akay pay to me. I have never been paid that much in my life so.. I will appreciate anything above $13.00 right now. Although, this may sound good, I have t admit that it is hard to find a job in this field, especially if your a new gard! Everyday i job search and all I come across is CMA, RN, and somewhat LPN... and I even come across a lot of dental assistants.

    Well.. good luck to you.