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    Quote from lilan1e
    dr. carlos lanting would be great.. *proud*it may not be as popular as some nursing school but i guaranteed its fully packaged! competent and home of future nurses... more on skills, ideal setting xmpre complte theory... were also good in board exm some got the top ten spot... lsome of the graduates are currently practcing their skills abroad like what u'r friend told you
    hello... i gave already search for that DR.CARLOS LANTING COLLEGE...but this is what i found

    please help me where to enrol for BSN...

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    hello guys,

    i am 21 years old.. an di am now enrolled at some COLLEGE OF NURSING in Makati... and i really dont like the way they handle classes...and so as the facilities and the campus..."dirty"....

    and i am quite confused where to enrol next year...
    and i hope the school is near Makati too...
    please help me to decide..