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  • Jul 17

    -nausea! I go to bed around 8:30-9am.. wake up at 4-5pm.. wake up hungry.. take my first bite of food.. and .........urrrrrrrrrrr *rocks self* I can't eat without significant nausea until about 8pm.. I have only vomitted a few times. my best eating times are 11pm-5am.. but not being able to eat during the day is a problem on my days off. I've been stuffing myself with food at night as I had previously lost 10 lbs i could not afford to lose in a month >_<. (ps im not pregnant =P)

    -headaches! i never used to get headaches.. i have them everyday now >_<. I bring ibuprofen to work and take it nearly everyday.

    -dehydration/dark urine.. this one i cant figure out.. i am drinking 64 oz of water a day.. I drink so much.. that i am known for being obsessed with drinking water!!!! my urine is consistently dark and pungent.. and my mucus membranes are very even getting nosebleeds. no edema. It makes me paranoid that my kidney/liver is failing.

    -tachycardia.. my heartrate is always 100+bpm.. ive been getting some heart palpitations and sometimes just feel my heart wants to explode. no chest pain.. but just doesnt feel right.

    background info: i have had anxiety issues before.. this feels different.. but maybe i am manifesting it somatically rather than emotionally? I take anticonvulsants (but nothing new).

    thanks so much!!
    I worked night shift for 3 mths and had horrible dizzyness and headaches when getting up for my shift. I too lost some weight and couldn't function on nights. I finally gave up and worked the 3-11 shift. It was bad for a social life but a whole lot better on my body!

  • Jun 5


    I'm working for Peak and have training next week. I understand patients cancel, but we at least get half of our assessment rate per cancellation. I hope it goes smoothly as well!

  • Feb 8

    Can we revive this thread?

    As someone who is graduating soon, I find this very helpful.