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    A/E trained and taking a break in the community, U.K., I'm free and single, but alas, no longer young. To my dismay, agism exists strongly and I really should not be surprised, Iraq and afganistan feel I'm too old to take my experience and pioneering spirit to them! However, being 35 in my head is the most empowering quality and I'm not one to get depressed about such things.

    I've worked around UK, full time NHS and agency and moved every couple of years just because I can. I'm a regular hands-on nurse as I've only been back 6 years after doing other fearless stuff. Its a bad payer in UK, but can open other doors.

    Would love to hear from others who are at a kind of crossroads, lifestyle, emotional life or professional, and swap stories, everyone has one!

    Thanks for the greeting, feline friend