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    Update: Went to both interviews this morning. The first at a neuro SAC unit I interviewed with two lead techs. The interview went well, with me being able to relay to them that I'd welcome an opportunity to start "on the ground level" for a number of weeks to get to know the unit, the nurses, etc. But that to be honest, I'd probably get frustrated after say two months of not being able to practice my license. I got a generally good feeling about that interview, and if they don't offer me a tech position, I'll not be concerned.
    Because - the second interview was so much better. I interviewed for the psych ED, where I'd interned the last 2 weeks of nursing school in December. The interviewer immediately recognized me as my preceptor was generous enough to introduce me while working. The interviewer inquired when I was going to get my license, and I told her that I'd just received confirmation via the BON. She immediately threw away the paperwork for the tech interview and got out the paperwork for RN interview! My heart leapt and it was all downhill from there. My preceptor really went to bat for me while I was working there, as did several of the other staff. I really wowed the interview, and I believe I said all the right things, had the right experience, and a lot of support from the unit. The interviewer said that if I'd not heard from her by Monday to give her a call. I'd hate to be too optimistic, but I think that I went in for a tech position, and scored my first RN position on my first interview!
    TL;DR: Interview for tech position changed to (possibly successful) interview for RN position

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    Thanks for all the responses. I'm going to go to the interviews - I've been out of work for too long and student loans are coming due in July. I will be very upfront about my immediate goals, i.e. RN position within 60 days. I hold a BA in psychology as well as my ADN, and both tech positions will involve psychology (psych ER and head trauma units). I think that the experience wouldn't hurt, and maybe its the only way to get my foot in the door. But I'll be actively seeking RN employment and will take what I can get in that regard. I agree that the work may be frustrating - when I quit my last tech job I promised to not work again until I was an RN. How ironic that once I become an RN, I can only find tech work!

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    I'm a newly graduated RN and have been out of the health care field for 6 years (I worked as a CNA from '93-2005). While preparing the NCLEX, I applied for numerous tech positions in the areas that I was interested (med surg and psych). I just received (unofficial) results that I passed the NCLEX and am awaiting recognition from the BON. The next day, I got a call back from two of the tech positions and have interviews scheduled for Thursday. My questions are: should I accept a job as a tech whilst pursuing an RN position? should I let them know in the interview that I'll most likely be taking the first RN position that I'm offered? is it prudent for me to be taking a job as a tech whilst holding an RN license? I think that it would be unfair of me to not mention that I'll not be satisfied as a tech for more than a couple months at maximum. As an RN, is it even advisable to work as a tech? I'm hoping that the tech position will parley into an RN position. Is this an acceptable means of getting a foot in the door, or should I hold out for an RN position?

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    After 15 years as a CNA (off and on), I will be 40 when I graduate with my BSN - RN (fingers crossed!). Or, I will be 39 if I choose to go with the AD - RN. But, I won't even start the AD program until summer '09. I've been accepted into the AD program, but there was a 2&1/2 years in Jan. '07! Now, I'm on track to get into the nursing school at the university for my BS-N in one more semester. I started out in 1989 as a CNA working in nursing homes. At nineteen, I had no idea that I wanted to be a nurse!