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    Thank You every one for responding especially 77720 (I hope it's correct) for being so positive ,actually I don't have another Chance to repeat, I withdrew the semester before last to have a baby, and I repeated a nursing 211 for a failing grade of 72.8 instead of a 73.

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    I am an international student attending a community college in NY city. The fall of 2002 was my final year to complete my AAS in nursing which would make me eligable to take the NCLEX RN ,however what a diaster I failed out with a c- instead of getting a c I had a very difficult semester and I wondered to myself WHERE IS GOD WHEN HE IS REALLY NEEDED?.I am not motivated at all to repeat this horrific ordeal so I was wondering if aynone knows of a nurisng school where I could complete my RN within a year without a years exprience as an LPN
    I hope my little helper angel is out there somwhere to give me some advice.Thank you very much Sammy wiz