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    Thank pinoy _guy for enlightening me.
    I've attended their orientation earlier today. Im abut to sign the contract but i havent. I now giving myself another week for that matter. So additional information about this agency would be very helpful.

    Is there anyone here working for Sentosa Care? Kindly give me feedback about this agency. First hand info will be very helpful in my part. I plan to sign their contract a week from now.

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    I've attended their orientation earlier today. Im abut to sign the contract but i havent. I now giving myself another week for that matter. So additional information about this agency would be very helpful.

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    Quote from zasha
    hello fellow nurses:typing. i just visited sentosa yesterday and i have to say that what they offer is okay primarily considering the fact that they dont require hospital experience and still they are willing to sponsor such applicants including myself. in the philippines nowadays, it is not that easy to find a nursing job and i guess that most of us are aware of that. and im here now because of course before signing any contract i would like to get as much information (pros and cons) about sentosa. im also doing my own readings. hopefully, any of u guys would be willing to give infos and if there's anybody who signed with them already or who are in nyc, please share what u know, any advices would really help..thank u so much!
    Have you sign the contract? Im actually planning to attend thier recruitment event in manila on dec 2. Please let me know what are the progress of your application there. Thanks!

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    Id also like to hear addtl info on this. I also went to Sentosa and employers from the US will be conducting their hiring event on Dec 2here in the Philippines I thinking if I should go.

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    Quote from marslarks
    just the basic requirements..bring all your documents..there are alot of us whose if you want to apply why not try..
    Hi may I know the exact address of your hospital? Im from makati but Im willing to work in qc.. pls pls.... is this near from kamuning edsa station? THanks in advance!

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    Quote from jbondoc
    Hi, if you don't have experience and you are planning to go to Dubai you cannot work in the hospital.The DOHMS liscencing department will give permission to take the liscencing with those who have at least 2 years hsopital experience. But if you will come here just work there will be a lots of job in clinic but most of the time they are requiring also with DOHMS.

    I am already here in Dubai.I have 6 years experience in OT. For me, it is very hard to find a job unless you have DOHMS liscence already. The private hospital requiring also DOHMS liscence and if you will process your own liscence it is very costly.

    The life here is very expensive.The public transport is very poor.The taxi is very limited and very expensive.The salary is not that much that can afford your daily needs.

    I will advice to all who wanted to come here should have a lot of money in their pocket and should secure a 2 years experience certificate...If I can apply already in DOHMS i will update you what will be their new requirements....
    Thanks for the information!=) As for my case mY brother(computer field) is also in Dubai now, he will support me in my finances there so this would make it easier for me to survive there.

    How much is the processing for DOHMS? If i will finace the processing of my own DOHMS license will they still require me to have a two year experience?

    Let me know if there are new updates regarding DOHMS licensing. Thanks again

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    Quote from suzanne4
    First of all, there is no state that will accept proof of passing directly from you, it always needs to be sent by the Board that you tested for.

    You will have to apply for License by Examination to the new state and have CA forward your passing results to them. It will depend on the requirements of the new state. Many are tightening their requirements for issuing a license without a SSN#.
    I see! Since I still have three years before my letter expires, ill have to start collect information about getting license from other states. Taking NCLEX under CA BON is a burden for me now.

    Miss Suzanne, what do you advise for me? Will I send a request for extension of the due date for SSN or apply to a for licensure by examination to another state and have CA BON send the result to them before my 3-year period ends?

    Thanks again! More power to you!

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    Quote from suzanne4
    The reason to have the results sent to another state for licensure is so that your NCLEX results do not expire as CA will not issue a license without a SSN#.

    All licenses in the US have expiration dates, that is why we always tell everyone to wait until the last year of the validity of the passing letter to go thru another state for licensure.

    Once the three years are up and one has not done anything about it, then the results are destroyed along with the application and file for CA.

    Each state has its own requirements for license renewal. You will need to check with the specific state that you are interested in.
    Thanks miss Suzanne youve been very helpful!
    I also just passed my Calif NCLEX-RN and Im wondering if after passing the NCLEX result(letter) to other BON OR state which do not require SSN, will I have my USRN license with that state already?

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    Quote from kiecis
    Good day,

    I have an uncle in Dubai who is gonna process my Visit or Tourist Visa this week. It cost alot so I want to be careful. I am a licensed nurse here however, I, like alot of my colleagues, have no Hospital Experience. I have read alot of similar questions like this here in allnurses and have found out that I will likely end up in a clinic. I also looked into the DOHMS website and saw that all hospitals require 2 years experience. I am still hopeful for a hospital job.

    1. Is it possible for me to work in a hospital in Dubia/ UAE?

    2. Has anyone done this?

    3. If it is possible, can I do it in 1 month?

    Thanks a lot for reading and I hope you can all help me
    Hi I have the same problem now. I just passed my Calif NCLEX and I do not have a SSN so after processing my Visa Screen Certificate I will go to Dubai to work and get some experience.

    Im planning to go to Dubai to work as a clinic nurse since I do not have experience yet. Im willing to take the govt exams if needed. I will be in Dubai after the holiday season (w/visit Visa).

    Are you already working in Dubai now? Please give me some feedback about your job hunting experience there. And if there are agencies there where could I start processing my papers for US. It will help me a lot thanks!