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    Hi all! Does anyone know the salary of an RN working in the med spa setting?

    I just graduated and passed the NCLEX...trying to decide if I want to work in a hospital setting or the med spa. It's not really about the $$, but if med spa RN's are making nothing near a "traditional" RN then I'd rather not apply. Thank you!!

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    Does anyone know what the duties and salary are of an RN in the medical spa area?

    Any pros and cons that you can list????

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    Hi everyone! I'm graduating in Dec and looking to come back to CA. I went out of state for school and can't wait to come back! Originally from LA but moving to Corona...does anyone know anything about Hoag? Is it a teaching hospital? I noticed when looking for new grad positions that Hoag comes up on every website with new grad programs in just about every unit. is the pay there? I'll be making quite a drive to work there, but it will be worth it if seasoned nurses are receptive to new grads and if the pay is a-ok! Thank you!!

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    What are the responsiblilties of a circulating RN?
    Any advice for a new grad who may be interested?

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    Hi there! I've heard that those who don't know exactly what unit they want to work in would be better off starting in Med-Surg...hopefully after working there, an interest of something will spark ; )

    I do have a classmate precepting on the Onc unit and have heard from quite a few nurses to think twice about working with chemo pts (administering chemo, etc) because it is believed that even being around chemo and pts with chemo can cause fertility problems. Don't want to scare you off, but if you haven't had children yet and want to in the future maybe another unit may suit you better until then...much luck to you!!

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    Thank you soooo much for your advice!

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    Anyone know on average what the ratio is for So. Cal? Thanks!

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    I'm graduating in Dec and I'm soooo confused as to what area I'm going to apply to. I have heard from many, many nurses that having the Med-Surg background is essential in order to "survive" in another unit. I'm currently precepting on a M/S unit...I don't mind it, but I think I'd be happier somewhere else. Can any experienced nurses give their opinion upon whether or not this is true? Can you also give some words of advice for new grads in the OR or even in the NICU? Those are 2 areas that I'm interested in, but I definitely don't want to get eaten alive!!

    Another ? there a 4:1 pt/nurse ratio in most Southern California Med-Surg units?