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    at the workshop i went to, they neither aspirated nor applied pressure during the demonstration. not to go off on a tangent, but what i personally found significant at that station when i practiced were the distractors that they put on the table - i drew up humalog when the order was for novolog. they were both in the same concentrations but my mind was racing and i quickly scanned the name and missed it. if that experience saves me from doing that at the CPNE, then the workshop was worth it.

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    Quote from Lunah
    My money is still on my birthday weekend. Hee.

    lol. Next year on your birthday, you can look back on the sacrifices you made and get your RN and throw yourself a huge party!!!

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    Quote from gradyrn08
    Grady, the usual: avoidance of caffeine, stimulants, and alocohol (of course). Speaking from personal experience, a cup of chamomile tea works great ease frazzled nerves and allow you to regain focus while also settling the stomach. I was always a skeptic of hypnosis, but I google searched it and found some free recordings and will admit it did elicit a relaxation response. This link is pretty helpful from Loyola College. Hope it helps, and good luck!

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    Yikes! Only one day after my last post I got a test date! May 16! Saddle up!

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    My application was accepted 11-19-07 for Albany. Still watching the clock tick and checking my email daily but no date yet...

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    Wow! Very nice of you! I wish I lived nearby... Congrats to you!

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    While working on an ambulance, was dispatched to a "semi-conscious" person, only to find him (and I quote) "semi-constipated".

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    P.S. In answer to your question, I am waiting on my CPR renewal card (mine expires next month) before I can submit my application, so I don't have a date, but plan on going to Albany RPTC.

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    Thank you for the study tip! I have been listening to the audio critical elements cd to and from work. Also, I have been coming up with mnemonics to help me remember the critical elements. They have a theme for each area, such as a mnemonic about cell phones for remembering the critical elements for mobility and a mnenomic about furniture moving for fluid management. It sounds so corny, but it helps me remember. For example, the cell phone one is "All Mobile Devices Break. Position Satellites To Locate Mobile Phones Provides Service. All Devices Beam Records And Respond." Sounds kind of cryptic, but it prompts for all the critical elements: Assess: Mobility level, assistive Devices, Balance. Position: Support injured/weak parts and head, shoulders, pelvis. Turn, Lift, Move. Keep in Position. Avoid Pressure. Avoid Shearing. Ambulate/Assist: Use assistive Devices, keep Balance. Record All (all previous assessment findings and interventions) and patient Response. I don't know if this would work for anyone else, but keeping with mnemonic "themes" for each area of care keeps it compartmentalized in my mind. If anyone has any such mnemonics, I would greatly appreciate seeing them.

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    Hello all fellow nursing students and nurses. I am an Excelsior student who is about to register for the CPNE, and not looking forward to the 5-8 month nail biting, stomach churning, anxiety provoking wait until the actual test weekend when the anxiety will surely escalate. Well, in reality, maybe I am not quite that bad, but still have a healthy chunk of apprehension and want to focus this energy instead on efficient studying and preparation. I have so far obtained the CPNE study guide, audio and paper flash cards, orientation DVD and accompanying manual. It just seems like SOOO much information to try to absorb, let alone to process all critical elements as dynamically as it seems are required during the implementation phase of the PCS. I have already done a keyword search on the forums for "CPNE" but the results are rather outdated. Of course, I plan to take the EC workshop, but I would like to know what and how to study to get the most out of the workshop. I know it's asking a lot, but any tips or insight from recent EC grads would be appreciated.