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    This is a great resource that I think we can all learn from

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    We get to have a Pot luck meal---> "Just remember to make enough for all"

    And we got a coupon to a nearby restaurant

    Let's just say... not too thrilled

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    Well with COPD the Pt is usually on steroids which as a side effect compromises their immune system. They probably got shingles as a result of low immunity from the steriods or beacuse they had a flare up- ie caught a cold, got bronchitis or PNA. The COPD couls seem worse because their body is so weakened-

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    Days, Tele mostly-- but we get a bit of it all at times-- our ratio is 5:1, a few times I had 6

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    How about both! On my floor (tele unit) we have a max of 5:1 with an acuity max of 12 (we- the nurses in coordination with the charge RN) made our own acuity rating system.

    Its not perfect, and the acuity system, as hard as we tried not to make it subjective, still depends on the RN rating the pt. There were only a few days where some RNs had 6 pts. But overall I think its working.

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    Im a bike commuter too! Save on gas and get a workout all in one. I have toiletries (sp?) at work, and take a quick shower there. I ride 8 miles each way and I love it. I also like passing the cars in traffic.

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    The Univ. of Illinois @ chicago has a pretty decent program and tuition is a lot less than at some private schools

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    I went into nursing because when my mom was dying the nurses there were phenomenal! I will never forget them-

    So here's the wow part. I had a pt not too long ago who was dying. She was awake & alert and I took care of her for weeks- yes weeks- she would bounce from ICU back to the tele unit (my floor) over adn over.

    She wan an amazing woman- stong, funny, loving with a heart of pure gold. I took an liking to her- I couldn't help it. And I made sure she was my pt everytime i worked.

    During those weeks I also bonded with her family, esp her daughter. I may have crossed some professional lines when we both cried together or when I told her my story about my mom. She asked for my number one day- just so she could stay in touch she said & I gave it to her.

    After she left my floor she went on Hopsice and a few weeks later she passed.

    I saw her obit in the paper and even wrote a message online to the family.

    Then, this am I got a call - it was the daugher, just saying hi & telling me what an impression I made on her & her family & how none of them will ever forget me. She said she still can't believe that I have been an RN for less than a yr. I can't believe that I was able to help someone like my mom's RNs helped me-- but it feels so good. I glad to be a nurse today. :redpinkhe

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    Quote from ThePretender
    Hello yall! I wanna take a survey asking every nurse out here these questions. Im sorry if a similar thread like this has been made

    1. What degree did you get? Eg: AA, BSN.. Have you had other degrees in different fields?
    Got my BSN- no other degrees

    2. Why did you pursue this career (demand, family request, your own interest, money, passion, etc)
    -My own interest- very impresses w the care provided by RNs when my mom was ill

    3. When(or how old) did you realize you wanted to become a nurse?
    about 20 yrs old

    4. Where do you currently work (I dont need a specific address or something like that)? A private doctor clinic? Hospitals? Schools?


    5. What is your salary?
    About $28 +/- Hr (with the differential)

    6. By far what is the most challenging thing you have faced so far?

    Making a med error

    7. What do you find the most rewarding?
    Advocating for my pts and seeing that they get the right care- Also, the way some pts can really tough your heart

    8. Do you have a family? If so, how often do you spend time with them?

    A Hubby- we wk different shift (he a daytimer & I work 1500-2300) but we see e/o very ofter and talk daily

    9. Would you say you get days off more or work more?

    With vacation days I'd say even-steven

    10. If you could choose a different career, would you do it?

    Not sure really- I have so many interest that I probable would

    11. How long have you worked in the nursing career?

    ~1 yr

    12. When you graduated and got your first nursing job, were you able to handle the situation well? Was it demanding? Did you get yelled alot? Were you happy?

    staff is very supportive (mostly), its very demaning and there are times I wanna scream but in the end it is the most rewarding job I could think of

    13.How demanding was your work hours at the beginning?

    Full-time 40 hrs/wk- not super demanding but I would like to do three 12s or 4 8's if possible

    14. Are you happy with your job now? If not, why?

    Not really- I still feel overwhelemed at times but I am still learning so until I feel absolutely comfortable I don't think I can say if happy or not

    15. How many hospitals have you worked? Which is your favorite and why?
    1 hospital

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    Quote from kstec
    phentermine 37.5mg 1qd or 1bid, You lose weight and your stomach shrinks so much that when you finish up your 2 months, you have to eat many small meals a day. Also, b12 injections once a week helps with speeding up metabolism. Most people I know that go to this diet clinic have lost 10-20lbs in the 2 months and have kept it off. I'm not sure as far as what comordities that you have to have to not be able to take this. I have none and I've had no side effects except I split my tablet and take half in morning and half around lunch time, otherwise you have such a burst of enery you have a hard time burning it unless it a good workout day. Tell me if you've heard any horror stories. Alot of GP's will prescribe it for up to 2 months. I know alot of people on it and have not heard of anything negative happening, cardiac, psych or anything else. This would be a great drug for nighttime workers to stay awake and be very, very, very productive without the heart palpatations or abnormal thinking.

    Phentermine, it take over a long perior of time, can lead to mitral valve or (any heart valve) problems. It a controlled subsance it is highly likely to be abused and assoicated w addictions! Be wary

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    I'm gonna Print this and Post it in the Break Room-


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    EPIC is at my hospital too and I love it- the system does freeze up at time but nothing major.

    It is overwhelming at first- just like learning anything new & different.
    I've only used computer charting and I dont think I'd ever work at a hospital that used paper charting.

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    My thoughts and prayers are with you. You did the right thing by going to the ER stat. this is difinitely a scary situation to be in. I hope the test results are ok.

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    Quote from GLORIAmunchkin72
    What happened to you is called: DAMAGE CONTROL.
    I know this sound naieve but what do u mean exactly by "damage control" ?

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    If I'm working during the day shift I usually prepare my breakfast to eat in the car (around 0545 am).

    Yougurt mixed w high fiber cereal, banana, coffee. Or I make a hardboiled egg, slice it up, add some low fat mayo, then slap 2 pieces of bread on it.

    Theses usually last me until 1030 when I start feeling shaky and just not all together. Then, I usually have a snack like an apple or gram crackers w peanutbutter. Without a snack I'd FREAK out!!

    This will hold me until lunch (If I get a chance to eat at all)

    For me at least the trick to not starving is to have handy snacks that are filling, not messy, and quickly edible.umpiron: