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    Ah, the beauty of nursing. How can one ever get bored with all the opportunity to experience its many different facets! It's not so much an attempt to find a nursing niche, as it is an opportunity to gain experience in a wide range of disciplines. May decide to give travel nursing a try one of these days to make some real money.

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    Prior to my ER and correctional experience, I had 10 years experience in med /surg, telemetry, cardiac step-down, pre-op and post-op recovery, cardiac recovery, peds, and icu. I also worked prn in a county jail prior to accepting a full time position in a state prison. I don't mean to give the impression that every correctional nurse I worked with was incompetent, only the majority of them.

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    I came to correctional nursing after 4 years of ER experience in a level 1 trauma center. I was burned-out and ready for a change. One of the first things I noticed hanging on the wall of the nurses station in the max security prison I accepted a postion in, was an ad to join the correctional nurses association to counteract the perception that correctional nurses were "less than perfect nurses". I must admit, at least in my experience, truer words have rarely been written. Some of the worst nurses I have ever seen have been correctional nurses. Most have not been able to "hack-it" anywhere else they have worked and correctional nursing is the last stop before getting out of nursing completely. I could tell you stories of botched assessments, med errors, inability to manage medical emergencies, inability to draw blood or start IV's that you would find hard to believe. After 3 years as a correctional nurse I'm going back to the ER where incompetence is not tolerated.