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    Thanks to everyone for their encouraging words. I will keep my head up! I am getting through this week with relaxation and lots of prayer. I know that God will provide the best strategies and that He will not leave me. I know may sound awful but.. I also went back to work (this is my last week because I devoting all my time to studying), and I heard many stories of NCLEX failures and it really made me realize that I truly was not alone. Once again, thank you all and BEST OF LUCK!

    Someone aslo suggested using Kaplan course for strategy? Any thoughts on that? Is it worth it?

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    I am new here and in need of any words of encouragement and advice. I just found out I failed the NCLEX-RN for the 3rd time and I just don't know what to do anymore. I put a lot of time into studying as well as did A LOT of questions. I felt very confident going into the exam this time but now I just don't know where to start again. I tried Feuer before the second time and mainly used Kaplan strategy book and questions this time. I have worked so hard to get to this point but just can't seem to pass the test. I am so humiliated to return to work as a nurse tech when everyone was waiting for me to pass to start as an RN.

    As far as study tips, does anyone have any successful ones to share? Any views on Suzanne's plan and NCSBN online review? Please help