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    I agree. Nurses are responsible for all activities. It just drives me crazy. There is nothing that is "not my job". I can't even imagine being able to say that without some sort of backlash from my manager.

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    I have been out of school 2 1/2 years and have changed jobs/hospitals once. Started off on a telemetry cardiac step down unit and now work in oncology. Still have not found my 'niche' either. I have spoke to many older nurses that change areas within a hospital every couple of years looking for the best fit for them. I really don't know how long it takes. I hope I find my niche soon though.

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    Anyone have any insight on how to handle manager problems. I work for a great hospital and the staff is great, but we all have significant issues with the manager. We do not feel valued or supported in our practice. We have huge issues with the nursing aides not doing their work, leaving the unit, sitting using the internet, not doing turns, not answering call lights, taking off to smoke etc. and she will not address the issues with them. Day by day the rift between the RNs and aides gets worse and worse. They, the aides, do not have a license to lose and it their thought that if something doesn't get done, it is the RN's responsibility, and it is. Most of us run our self ragged doing their job and ours. To be fair, we do have a few aides that truly are wonderful and it is great to work a shift with them. The role of the RN is stressful enough without having to do both jobs. I spoke with my manager about this issue and I have been on the **** list ever since. She does not like conflict or better said, does not like to deal with conflict. I have seen issues/problems fester for more than a year and then blow up in our faces. She will not confront the person causing the issues, but will speak harshly to everyone else about how " this or that has to stop" No one feels comfortable talking with her about anything because she has a difficult time keeping anything confidental. Staff morale is in the crapper and it doesn't help that we are all aware of her affair with one the young male nurses who works on our unit. He can do no wrong. Yes, she is married and has kids. The sad fact is the hospital is a good place, offers good pay and benefits, self-scheduling, good PTO, uniforms, parking shuttle, etc, but most of the staff is working a part time job elsewere and the rest are actively seeking employment on a different unit or hospital. A couple of people are just too close to retirement to stir up any trouble. Our hospital is seeking magnet status - good luck with that.

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    Thanks for your information. I do not plan of moving unless I have secured a position. Thanks again

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    I am considering moveing to Fort Collins from Michigan. Does anyone out there work for Poudre Valley? I am looking for an RN for midnights in oncology or med/surg. Any insight would be appreciated.

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    I do a complete assessment on each pt each shift. I find it sad when a pt asks "what are you doing" when I check pedal pulses, cap refill, assess the skin on the buttocks etc. Especially sad when the pt has been in the hospital for a couple of days and this is new for them. It really irks me when I hear an RN say the pt would not allow me to check his skin for breakdown!! It is all in the way you phase it and it has to be done. Never assume just because they are a walky-talky there is no breakdown. There is no excuse for not completing a physical assessment.