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    So I am in my last semester of nursing school.... Praise the Lord its almost done. I am kind of in a rut and trying to break free. According to the HESI exam, which is some sort of health exam that is required by some nursing schools, anyhow its a indicator of how you will do on NCLEX.

    A decent score to indicate you may pass is a 850 and a strong score is a 900. I scored a 742 and therefore I am not ready for nclex. My lowest area was in OB and PEDs. Is there any sort of crash course or something dealing with OB and PEDs for basic info that anyone knows of? I can review nclex questions but just was checking to see if anyone knew anything or if someone may be good for resource because OB was difficult for me.

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    I would definately be watching how time is being spent and even keep a log if you are as bad as keeping to a schedule as me. If you can do the NCLEX study guide and read over that part as far as reminders of anatomy/physiology stuff. Focus on the problems and interventions of whatever system you are covering in class. In doing this, and understanding the problem/interventions it should help you in figuring out the correct answer on tests. Also, if anything you take from this post in any test remember... A,B,Cs.. always. Even if you don't think it makes sense for the question. If A,B,Cs are not clearly identified in the question but its one of your answers go for it, and if all are in your answers then choose the priority as the alphabet goes A,B,C.