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  • Sep 12 '14

    How much time do you have? lol. It's pretty general knowledge type stuff, if I recall ... I took a BKAT in 2008 as part of the ER nursing fellowship I did. I'd hit the high points, the ER bread and butter: trauma, cardiac, respiratory, neuro, ortho. Or by system, too: GI/GU, eye injuries/issues, that kind of thing. Good luck!!

  • Sep 4 '14

    Hello Everyone, I am a Train-The-Trainer Certified RN,BSN. I would like to get a Q&A going on the topic of starting a CNA program at your facility or as a business and its ins and outs or pros and cons? Please feel free to share your thoughts or experiences.
    So first thing first .. in many states if not all, you have to be a RN with experience in LTC, Hospice, Homecare etc each state might be different from another so check out your state website on Train-The-Trainer.
    So the next questions is where do you go after you have achieved the TTT certificate? Anyone...

  • Sep 3 '14

    I am looking into Fort Hays RN-BSN online program and any input is much appreciated. I live in California, but my understanding is that it is all online for the BSN. I will be working and have a toddler, so I want a program that is doable but that I will still get a good education from. Thank you so much for your time!

  • Aug 28 '14

    Hello all
    I have been a nurse for a little over a year however, I have 8 years of experiance in General surgery as a MA/ surg tech. I am interested in becoming wound care certified. Does anyone have any insight as to what programs are the best and how hard the courses are?


  • Aug 28 '14

    I've searched all over the internet for practice tests or online courses but the info is very limited. Does anybody know where I can find resources? The workshops are all very far away from me. Thanks in advance.

  • Aug 27 '14

    I have been a hospice nurse for 15 years and I am certified in hospice and palliative nursing. I see a real need for a Death Doula or end of life attendant practice. It would include preparation and /or attendance at death, spiritual support, advice and anticipatory grief support, non medical support. Hospice care fills some of this need, but I see a niche for private one on one patient and family support. The home funeral service is also a new and upcoming niche. People don't know they can do a home "memorial". A funeral home is really not required (in TN). There are some rules as to how long the deceased may stay in the home etc... My state (TN) allows burial in a family or home plot (it has to meet some criteria).In the country it is not unusual to see a home with acreage and a small family plot fenced off. Home memorials would be cost effective and they do tie into the home death market. I see it as the "natural birth" movement was 20 years ago.
    It would be a consultant and private pay practice (no Medicare billing).Thoughts???

  • Aug 27 '14

    Hello,I am a 22 year old Jr. nursing student pursuing my BSN. I have been doing a lot of research the last couple weeks about starting a home health care agency. I would however also be interested in knowing about a nursing agency. I currently work a patient care tech at a hospital. I plan on pouring my life into this profession of nursing when I graduate. Working at the hospital and being in school has really helped me realize that this is my calling. However I would like to have something to call my own. I think my hard work could be making a larger impact on the world of healthcare if I had some more influence. There are some areas that I think we could, as a profession, do to advance the world into a way of healthier and happier living. I have done some research about home health care the past few weeks and I have some points I would love to hear back on.1.) has anyone out here either personally done so or known someone who has taken out a SBA loan or other type of business loan to start a nursing agency?2.) I have looked into the medicare and JCO requirements to become a certified provider/ accredited organization. Some of the language was a little opaque, could someone open some dialogue with me about how to make real steps towards achieving these goals. (I haven't looked into much on private insurance is this a whole new animal)3.) How does billing an insurance agency work?4.) What is a good way to collect market data about my area. (Cook County IL).How many people around me are reviving home health care/ are eligible. Where are clients obtained from. How does one work their way into becoming an institutions "referral"5.) Is home health a growing industry?Lot of questions here I would love to get as much feedback as possible. Also sort of a follow up to question 5. Can home health take on a larger role in the future. Providing care to someone without the overhead costs of a hospital or long term care facility is certainly more cost effective. Wouldn't medicare/ other insurances be apt to pay for something that could be done in a more cost effective manor. Is their even a possible research topic to be found if we can offer home health to people in a way that can compete with some of the nursing homes. There is a large generation of retired people coming up will the industry be able to care for them all? What about the ones who cant afford an assisted living faculty we cant just leave our elders alone in their homes to die. I hope I don't live in a culture that will turn a blind eye to the ones who raised it.

  • Aug 27 '14

    Could anyone tell me if there is an online interqual training program. Thank you

  • Apr 6 '13

    I did the MSN Eduation Specialist last year (just a couple of courses are different from the Leadership/ Management). Completed in 11 months 5 days. EXCELLENT program - I now work part-time for WGU as an evaluator.

  • Mar 19 '13

    Ok let's get back to the topic at hand. AN wants to be supportive of all students and hopes we can continue in the helpful vein. To come and demean a nursing program which you state YOU attend kinda puts your choices in question too.

  • Mar 19 '13

    I just sent in my IRB and almost complete the first two chapters of my thesis. I will be done pretty soon.

  • Jan 14 '13

    I knew when I posted this that I would get many posts from people assuming that I don't care about the quality of the education but that is not true. The two schools that I mentioned Vanderbilt and Georgetown (which are both very short programs) have an excellent reputation for quality! Why do people just assume that because the program is short it is not any good?

    Many RNs complete their FNP in 2 1/2-3 years while working full time. I am in a position where I do not have to work at all and would like to only focus on school so why wouldn't I be able to complete a program in 1 1/2 years? Makes perfect sense to me.

    Anyways... lets get back to the original question, Does anyone out here know of any short FNP programs? If you do please list them because I would like to do some further research about them. And just an FYI, one of the things I want to research is quality

  • Jan 14 '13

    The OP mentions Georgetown, which is known for having a very good FNP program. I think it is possible to have accelerated programs that offer a good education. I know that I went to an accelerated BSN program where I learned, and actually did skills that many posters here did not do in their RN programs.

    Edited because I mentioned the wrong University

  • Jan 14 '13

    Quote from myelin
    I find the fact that people are more concerned about making their education work around their life circumstances than the actual quality of the training to be, well, alarming... these are people's lives. Nursing is always going to be seen as a lesser field because of these attitudes. Just depressing.
    wow did your nursing school teachers just love you or what?

    ...I wonder what you're comparing it to as a lesser field to what a physician? as in someone who spends a whole lot more time, money, and sacrifice to obtain to get paid 7$/pt?

    you are a nurse don't go beyond your scope of practice because it doesn't look good for anyone.

  • Jan 14 '13

    Quote from myelin
    I find the fact that people are more concerned about making their education work around their life circumstances than the actual quality of the training to be, well, alarming... these are people's lives. Nursing is always going to be seen as a lesser field because of these attitudes. Just depressing.
    Wow, it's like you didn't even read my response. The thing about your statement is that it's INCREDIBLY PRIVILEGED: you obviously don't have "life circumstances" that stand in the way of your career and educational advancement.

    I'd rather nursing be seen (by ignorant, privileged people) as a "lesser field" than have nurses (OVERWHELMINGLY women) denied advancement and further education because they cannot afford it.