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    Thanks again to everyone for answering my question. I appreciate it.

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    Thank you for your answers! It makes me a bit nervous but, I guess I'll find out in a couple of weeks. BTW, I'm in Washington state in the U.S. Thanks again.

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    Hi, I'm about to do my CNA training (it's a prerequisite for the RN program in my state), and I have kind of a weird question about CNA/nursing school. Are we ever required to practice skills on each other. (Like brusing teeth, hair, ect.) Or do we only practice on patients during clinicals?

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    Irene Joy, thank you so much for your answer! I'm thinking that I do want to end up with a BSN sooner or later, but was wondering if it would be better to first get an ADN, then later do a completion program at UW Bothell, or else where. But someone recommend me to look at the pre-nursing degree and go directly to a BSN. And like you said it is a new program, so I can't help wondering how many people actually manage to get into a nursing program after completion.

    It's cool to have all these different choices, but at the same time all these different choices are driving me a little insane. :spin:

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    Hi newbie here! I've been reading through the posts here, but couldn't find a topic about this, so I hope it's ok that I started a new thread. I live in WA state and I've been looking at college websites about their programs. Most of them seem to be straight ADNs or BSNs or a RN to BSN program. But then I saw this at Cascadia Community College, a Pre-Nursing degree.

    Does anyone here know anything about this? And is it a good program? I was originally planning on getting an ADN then maybe doing a RN to BSN program, or is this a better option? I'm a little confused, because I've never heard of a pre-nursing degree before.

    Any help would be very, very much appreciated! Thank you!

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    In Hi!

    Hi everyone! This is an awesome message board. So much of the info that I was searching for about nursing is all here in one spot. Very nice. Anyway, I'll see you on the boards. I'll be the really confused one.