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    Thanks so much for your help! When you place the tubing where the bulb stopper is and set it to wall suction do you compress the JP bulb like you would normally or leave the bulb inflated while set to wall suction?

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    And no, only output blood- procedure hernia repair.

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    I've never seen it either......... MD order--- actually PACU reported 5 cc output prior to transfer & on unit hourly measured and reported at 30 cc.... then shift change.

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    Have you ever set a JP drain to wall suction- low intermittent?

    If so how?

    One nurse cut to plug off the JP bulb system, placed a connector where the plug was and set up tubing to wall suction. My concern when the physician d/c'd wall suction then there was no plug remaining to seal off bulb to form suction needed.

    Another cut off (not disconnected) the bulb, used a connector and set up tubing but then again no bulb remained to set up future use.

    One thought you somehow left the bulb, should compress it and tape tubing to the bulb plug............

    How do you properly set up a JP drain to wall suction please?


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    I actually had an order yesterday, rectal tube with LIS! I used the Flexi-Seal and set up suction to the irrigation port. The MD wanted to decompress all of the abdominal gas. I was quite nervous, as I didn't want to damage the mucosal lining, nor did I really have a way to know if the abdominal gas was being suctioned per say.

    I did ask the physician if there was a less invasive method, ex. Gas-X/simethcone & he insisted on a rectal tube with LIS. I will be curious to see if this system indeed make a difference!

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    Thanks & glad to know our hospital runs 24/7 and has thus far been very accommodating to our patient's needs, no matter how big or small.

    A PICC RN was great about coming to the unit at 5pm on a Friday for a difficult IV stick and even offered to stay and place a PICC fi MD okay'd & family consented which ended up being a start to finish 2 hr vs 30 minutes due to MD call, family call, etc and then to some small complications at bedside! She rocks!!

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    Great adivce above- I wear gloves when I open the package-- a few patients have mentioned they appreciate it, as they have seen others touch their pills & don't forget your patient education- the drug name, is this a home medication for you,what the meidcation is given for, any questions, any common side effects or call the RN if..............

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    Checked in and MD actually cut about 2 1/2 inches off tubing- he still can't explain why we could get a brush through, place H20 to a certain point, see no residue, etc, could not aspirate but hey it worked and so far saved having to undergo surgery!

    I was not there today, just called to check but let's hope he wrote some orders to flush q 8 vs the Kangaroo Pump flush!!

    Thanks all!!

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    I simply state, " I will not jeopardzie my nursing licensure by providing care that I feel and know is substandard for the patient's care and safety" and walk away.

    I have also used, "The patient is the MD's patient and he was the right to make any decisions in regards to his patient's care & it's my place to call the MD and give him the opportunity and information to treat his patients as he deems neccisary."

    Good Luck~ why can't some just go with the flow and take care of their paitents- that's our real job in the end- keep the patient comfortable, safe, and as well as we can!

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    Thanks- tried that- the fluid would go about 2 inches into the tubing- so placed Coke for 20 minutes- the brush would go to the bumper and of course I did not go any further.

    At one point when the Charge RN was trying- about 2 inches closest to the syringe placement the tube actually started to balloon- really weird- brush would go through with no resistance- no flush and when we tried to pull residual the tube would collapse-

    we rolled the tube, tried to gently milk it, there was no hard areas of tube feed-

    The MD came in an adjusted the bumper- gently moved the tube up and down- he was even baffled as to why the tube would not flush or aspirate- as the tube was clean and clear from the bumper out- so thinking either a SBO or the tube had compressed somewhere?

    He was planning a CT and at that point a new PEG placement- just wish for the patient we could have found a better solution to get the PEG to work again!

    The patient had a Kangaroo pump set the do a 125 ml flush every 8 hours, however I don't trust those, so glad I took the time to actually stop the TF and check for flush/residual, as the PM RN told me she had not done this, since the Kangaroo was set to flush- I prefer a hands on for PEG rather than the Kangaroo!!

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    Yesterday, at 1400 went to change TF and plan flush/residual check. Tube would do neither. Tried the Coke, ordered a PEG brush from central, repositioned patient. Nothing worked- Charge RN came in worked with the PEG- nothing.

    Called the MD- he could not get the PEG to work- ordered KUB- only showed gas present.

    I completed shift as he was ordering a CT scan.

    Patient had AM BM and another during KUB- checked for impaction, denied any n/v/pain. At AM assessment, checked for placement and BS- all good, abdomen round, soft. Did note at 1400 abdomen becoming distended and firm on side with PEG tube.

    When you have a clogged PEG, any other suggestions on what to do, other than what I did?


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    Medical University of South Carolina
    Roper St. Franics- Charleston SC
    VA Hospital Charleston SC

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    I write down everything!!

    But here are some others for you!

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    Winter months tops--> 425 however the low this week 194!! Not good at all- not sure what's going to happen other than no $$ in paychecks for anyone!

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