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    This is my 3rd month working as a new nurse. I am working on a medical/monitoring unit that states they "cater to the new nurse" From the experience I have so far they may need to change their motto! Most days I feel completely overwhelmed and insufficient. I keep thinking back to what my instructor told me when I graduated. "you'll learn more in your first year of nursing then you ever did in nursing school" Well I am waiting... the most I have learned is that their is too much to be done with limited help, supplies, difficult computer charting system and staff with little or no compassion. Many days I feel more like an over paid waitress then an underpaid nurse. I fear I am loosing what basic knowledge I gained in school. Sure I get the occasional skill of IV, foley cath insertion and wound care... but there is so much more to know/learn. My time management skills are constantly challenged and most every day I feel I loose the battle of keeping up. I too get the occasional encouragement of "don't give up you will find your routine", but then see some of the other nurses struggle to just make it through a shift. I have yet to see the nurses on the floor appear happy about coming to work or mention they love what they do. I wonder is this normal... did I choose the wrong profession? What experience I have in healthcare did not lead me to believe nursing it like this! Am I just working in the wrong place? I am not a young grad (I am 38 years old, and this is my second career in health care- 1st being a lab tech) I do not want to turn into the "grumpy old nurse" who is unhappy with her job! That is not why I chose nursing! I want to stay true to who I am and make a difference in people's lives with compassion for what I do...
    I pray almost daily that God will lead me in the direction I need to go, because I am not finding it on my own.
    Any advice from my peers out there?
    Thanks for letting me vent!

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    Thanks! Glad I am not the only one who feels that way.

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    HELP!!! We have to turn in a Pathophysiology Map for our client weekly. I have a really hard time getting started and on how to put it all together. Does anyone have an example or ideas on how to "map" a client with multiple problems that include would s/s, Diagnositic test, treatments, nursing diagnosis, etc...?

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    Anyone have a good way of determining the degree of penetration using the Betty Neuman Model. We have to include this information in our clinical paperwork and I seem to get caught up on what stressors cause the penetration for my client.
    Thanks a bunch!