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    Thanks for the quick replies. Sorry I didn't mean to sound like I was taking an easy route. I already have all the prerequisites done to start accelerated one year BSN. It would probably take me just about the same time to do CRNA as it would to do PharmD, Which is 3 to 4 years. It is my understanding that CRNA makes about 150K. Making 50K more is also an incentive.
    Questions I have:
    Will there still be a good demand for CRNAs 4 years from now and will the salary stay the same?
    Will I be able to get into CRNA programs with 1 year critical care experience if I have a high GPA and GRE score?

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    I need some opinion. I am a foreign graduate with Bachelor's in Pharmacy. Unfortunately, I cannot practice in the U.S. as a pharmacist without earning PharmD. This will take me another 3 to 4 years.

    So I am thinking about switching careers. I can do accelerated BSN in 12 to 15 months. I have a 3.5 GPA for my Bachelors and 4.0 GPA from a local community college. Once I am done with my BSN, I will work for 1 year. After that, I want to start applying for CRNA programs.

    The question I have is even though some of the colleges only require 1 year nursing experience; will this be good enough for admission? Do you think there is future in CRNA for me to make this switch? Any other comments?