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    Yay!! I finally got my license number today! This journey of endorsing has been tough but glad it's finally over. Now to work on finding a job out there and finally be home with family. I've been away way too long not to be with them.

    Hang in there does eventually happen!

    Application up on breeze - 9/4
    Finalized - 10/28

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    Congrats to those who finally have their license endorsed. I'm still waiting. Everything seems to be cleared off now on my breeze account so hopefully my license number will show up soon. Will keep everyone updated!

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    Does anyone know what it means if it says "tx in suspense" on your pending application?

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    I too am waiting for my license to be endorsed. Status states pending with missing education history as of 9/15. So hoping that I hear something soon.

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    Thank you!

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    For the past year, I have worked as a RN in inpatient Adult psych. I was so excited when I received a phone call last week for the Cardiac Tele position I applied for. I had the interview and it went pretty well. I sent out a thank you email to the tele manager and immediately she emailed me back. I was so excited to see her response stating that I should be hearing from HR with an offer.

    I never thought it would be possible but as my family and friends tell me, "Don't give up!"
    My dreams are finally coming true and I'm hopefully moving into cardiac tele!

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    Unfortunately we couldn't have our phones with us during clinicals so I had to rely on my note cards. I printed EKG rhythms and pasted them on the cards with descriptions written on them and had them in my scrub It was the ancient way of doing things but since I couldn't have my phone, I had to rely on something.

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    Thank you!

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    So, I've finally made it...finally graduated, finally passed boards, and finally found a job!

    I initially didn't know how I was going to feel about staying in psych after working in the field for 10 years in social work but saw the need for more nurses who have the interest of the patient in mind who is affected by mental illness. This is what gave me the boost to go back to school and obtain my RN degree. Now that i have been working on the units in a well respected psych hospital, it has allowed me to become an important advocate for the patients.

    I have also been blessed with working with the most incredible team on the units and the wide span of knowledge they hold to help those who are vulnerable and in need of help.

    In my heart I have much respect for all types of nursing but do have a special place for psych nursing.
    I want to say thank you to all the psych nurses out there who work hard everyday to provide the best care they can give to their patients and advocating for their needs.

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    I just graduated this past May from nursing school and can say that Nursing school is doable. A&P is memorization...nursing school is memorization, understanding, then applying.

    rubato is correct in saying that "it is all building on itself." What you learn from semester 1 til you graduate will add on top of one another.

    I worked full time (40+ hours/wk), attended nursing school, clinical rotations, and met with study groups. Although there is a lot of reading, the instructors that I had were very talented at getting the information into our brains and connecting everything.

    Having a hardworking, reliable study mates is, i believe, the most important because I couldn't have made it through without them.
    Good luck in your journey and enjoy every moment (bad, good, tears, laughs, all of it!) Once you start it goes by so quickly!

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    Thank you everyone for the congratulations!

    Quote from squidbillies
    Congratulations! A behavioral hospital sounds so nice! Do you know what you will be doing or where exactly you will be working in the unit? It seems like an ideal place to learn and gain experience.

    Congrats on your mother as well!

    Hi squidbillies,
    There are many units at the hospital that I have been hired onto. I believe I will be on the Adult ICU psych but not too sure. They described 2 of the floors to me. The other floor was just stated as an adult psych unit. Can't wait to find out and feel very blessed for either floor.

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    Graduated in May 2012. Passed NCLEX 7/3/12. Applied to jobs anywhere and everywhere. Finally received a job offer today in Arizona! Very excited!

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    Congrats!! Good luck to you!!

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    I am happy to say that I have finally received a job offer! I passed my boards on 7/3/12 and began searching for a job. It's been a tough road. I put out over 200 applications, resumes, etc...went in person to apply..anything and everything you can think of, i did
    I received the phone call from an interview with a behavioral hospital and was offered a position. I am very excited and nervous all at the same time. This day has been the best day ever as I also found out my mother is now...CANCER FREE! =o)