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    Thank you for your input! I forgot to mention a couple of things:

    In the scenario, the intake was MUCH greater than the output over 24 hours (even after taking into account CBI). There was no other data to go by (ie., signs of fluid excess, vital signs, lab results, etc) in order to come to the conclusion of FVE, just the I/O.

    My professor also said my NANDA was correct, but that I still shouldn't decrease/hold PO or IV fluids.

    Ultimately I think it was a very poorly written scenario. We had nothing to work with. But anyhow, just wanted to throw those things in there to see if they'd make any difference.

    Thanks again

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    Hi everyone,

    I think this is my first post here... Anyway I need help!

    I was taking a critical thinking/care plan exam at school last week. It was on post-op TURP care.

    When a patient on CBI for post-op TURP starts developing signs of Fluid Volume Excess, should you restrict fluids?

    My thoughts would be yes, considering you can develop TURP syndrome (dilutional hyponatremia) as a complication. Apparently my professor doesn't think restricting/decreasing amount of fluids is necessary in this case.

    I'd appreciate any help with this...

    Thanks so much!

    -ana, frustrated nursing student.