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    just a couple of things to say to you. First of all, as another person pointed out on this thread, you are not married, you have no family and yet you were unable to get your assignments on time. If I recall, and perhaps I am wrong here, but part of the reason that you were unable to get your assignments in on time is because you chose to work out and get 8 hours of sleep a night rather than actually do your school work. Also using work as an excuse is a copout and frankly, a slap in the face to all of those mothers and fathers who not only took care of children and worked and still managed to get their assignments in on time. To be quite honest is sounds as if you were unwilling to make the sacrifices necessary to complete this goal that you say you so badly want.

    Secondly, I cannot think of any nursing school in the world that would not have flunked you for passing a medication without your instructor present. I don't know about your nursing school, but at the nursing schools in my area, you don't even sneeze in your patients room without your instructor present, especially as a 2ND SEMESTER STUDENT. Medications, especially narcotics, are very serious buinsess and in no way should be taken(or in this case given) lightly. I don't care if a whole cadre of nurses told you that it was ok to give that medication, when you are in a clinical setting the instructor is running the show. You had no right to make a decison to go ahead and pass a medication without consulting you instructor first. If you had made a mistake that had caused harm to the patient, your instructor would have had to answer for this as well. There would have potentially been consequences for her as well. But then, that doesn't matter does it, all that matters is what terrible thing that instructor did to you, did I get that right? You need to think about your actions in this whole mess. You keep saying that you accept responsibility, yet keep going back to how unfairly you were treated. I have a feeling that if you check your rules of conduct (student handbook) for that nursing school, I suspect that somewhere you will find that passing a medication without first checking with your instructor is covered.

    Mario, to quote a very corny phrase...Denial is not just a river in Egypt.

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    Originally posted by Jay-Jay
    What I said about Heather is a paraphrase of something that Heather said about herself in another thread. It is not a TOS violation, I am not calling her nasty names, I am merely stating a fact about her. And as for Heather being defenceless, that is hardly the case. You are the third person to come to her defence on this board. She has some very loyal friends.

    Let me turn this argument around....What about those of us who have no access to Heather's board? Do you think we're not being talked about on that board? I know we are. And I'll bet you the language being used isn't very kind, nor are people rushing to defend us. I saw what was posted at Nursing Spectrum about Allnurses. Especially the nasty comments about the moderators here.
    just a couple more things to say and then I am done.

    A). Perhaps you did not interpret what you said about Heather as a personal attack, but others did. However, my point was really not What was said but rather who said it. I was trying to point out that you are a moderator, and I personally feel that you should rise above this type a behavior as you have expected others to do.

    B). I do not ever recall Heather having said that about herself.

    C). I do not believe for one minute that 3 people defending Heather in any way equates to Heather defending herself. We are merely defending a person who is not able to be here to defend herself. And yes, we are loyal friends, would you fault us for that? I would defend any friend who had things said about her in a public forum and was not able to defend herself.

    Which leads me to my last point. D) Perhaps yes, things have been said at the new new board. But I would remind you that this new board is in fact a PRIVATE board, with limited viewership. Also, the majority of those comments were made my previous posters who have been hurt deeply by the general membership, the moderators and even Brian himself. Since they were unable to freely express their anger, hurt, and frustrations here they took it to an arena where they felt safe to do so. So if turn about is fair play then I guess you may feel highly offended as well.

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    OK, I have read this thread all the way through. I have attempted to keep an open mind and most of all, I have attempted to keep my mouth shut about this whole issue. But alas, I think it it time for a part of the silent minority to speak up.

    I want to start with Jay-Jay and say that I was highly offended that you would have made those comments about Heather, given Heather's total inablitly to defened herself here. It seems to me that it was comments similar to those that were a precursor to the tightening of the belt as it relates to the TOS. I am not trying to attack you here, but I would ask Jay-Jay that you step back and take a look at your actions. As a moderator I feel that you have a certain amount of responsibility to act in the same manner that you would expect all of us to. If you are going to ask that we not personally attack other members, then you in turn have the responsibilty to not attack others publicy as well, banned member or not. I truly am disappointed to have seen that occur.

    Secondly, I want to make a comment to all of those who keep preaching that this "only a BB" let it go. I just want to say that this BB means different things to different people. From what I have seen, a great many strong friendships have developed from this community. Who are we to tell someone that their friendship is less meaningful because it is an online friendship rather that a RL friendship. Unless you have access to their computer, you truly have no idea of the type of communication that has gone on between these individuals outside of this BB. I personally have poured my heart out to individuals that I have met here and I know that others have done so even more than I. If these friendships were any less valid, why would this BB be planning a trip to LasVegas to meet each other. Furthermore, this BB has become a gathering place for many people. Equate it if you will to a Bar. For some it has become an important part of their socialization(read entertainment) for others it is not as important. For the latter, it is merely a place to gather information. To each his own, I suppose, but we should not stand in judgement of one another because we chose one form of entertainment over another. Think of how you would feel if you liked to go to a book club each week. This is your favorite form of entertainment and you are no longer able to attend. This book club has meant a great deal to you and you have made many friendships. You are unable to attend and this upsets you terribly. How would you feel if someone said to you, "it's only a book club, get over it and get a life ". That is essentially what was said to many of the frequent posters when the Exodus occured. With the knowledge that this BB meant a great deal to some of these people, surely you can understand the loss that they felt when they felt that they were no longer necessarily wanted anymore nor did they feel comfortable here anymore. I can hear you all now, saying that they were all welcome to stay as long as they were able to abide by the new rules. I can understand how they felt. The carpet was pulled out from underneath them with no warning and the attitude was put up or shut up! I even felt that some of the members were even gleeful that these people would be leaving. How sad is that? And yes these members were hurt, for some they had sufferend a tremendous loss. Like anyone experiencing a loss in their life they have to deal with this loss, they are going through the steps, the grieving process if you will (remember Kubler-Ross). Would I have handled in the same way as many of them did, perhaps not, but I am not going to fault them for handling things in the manner that they did. They were angry, many are still angry and hurt, and they lashed out in the only way they knew how. Ask yourself, how would you have handled it? I think you can only truly know by being in the same situation.

    When everyone left there was a general attitude that now the "newbies" who were too intimidated to post would now feel free to do so. Well, from my best estimation the big blow up happended a little over a month ago, and in that time frame the majority of the top posters (with a few exceptions) have been moderators and co-administrators. HHHMMMMM, I challenge you to ponder on this a bit. Perhaps it was a select few people who did not chose to post, for I do not see that there have been very many new names added to the top posters. Can it be that the new posters were not infact intimidated by the "clique" at all? I think that it is time for everyone to take a good long look in the mirror and what is going on now, for all you have done is replace on group of frequent posters with another, and as I have said most of those frequent posters are moderators and co-adminstrators. In a board with "thousands" of members, shouldn't more of the general membership be the frequent posters?

    I am also wondering why so many people are so upset that Heather has created a new board that requires an invite. With all due respect, if this is just a BB, and she and the others were so nasty, why should you give a rip that she has a new board and you weren't invited or turned down for membership? So what if she and the other members have surrounded themselves with people that they (we) enjoy interacting with. Really and truly, some of these comments come across sounding like sour grapes.

    Lastly, for those of you who have said "we've talked this to death" and "let's just move on" I have to say, good for you if you are able and ready to move on. However, as I have said before, this BB meant a great deal to many people and they still need to work through the bitterness and hurt that they are feeling. Only then will they be able to move on. Yes, this started as a thread to find ways to invigorate the board and yes it has turned into a discussion of the big blow up. As far as I can see, though, those of you have made comments about moving on, have failed to contribute your own ideas about invigorating the board. If you are unable to contribute ideas yourself, should you be so critical of those who are a least trying to have a CIVIL discussion of the reasons the board has had a lull in the first place? BTW, please accept my apology in advance if I am wrong about you not contributing any ideas other than to move on.

    I have a cramp now, I am done

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    you know what passing_thru

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    That's great news for you!!!!!!! So are you going to try and find a house right in Tawas? I will think about you every time I am up that way? Have you started a job search for yourself yet?

    I am so excited for you!!!!!1

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    Originally posted by geekymomma
    Do you have a name for it?
    currently we are just calling it "keep your D*@M feet off the seats". As in "lets go for a ride in the new car, KEEP YOUR D*@M FEET OFF THE SEATS".

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    Originally posted by hapeewendy
    lovin the car
    lovin the kids
    lovin the hotrod mama
    congrats on the new "baby"
    now come pick me up so we can go trollin for hotties

    (yeah yeah I know yer married with kids ,but wendles has needs you know!)

    seriously, great car! wooty!
    I'd love to take you trollin' for hotties is this bad boy. Husband and kids, pish posh. Momma can window shop all she wants, she just can't purchase nuttin'.

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    Originally posted by nursegoodguy
    I'm going to have babyface explain the details when I see him later today...

    Here's what his room has so far:
    a new tv & dvd player with access to about 300+ movies
    an HP notebook with cable modem
    coffee maker
    fridge coming next week
    easy access to the patio

    So what am I forgetting?

    Oh target date.... Sunday the 27th of April!:hatparty:
    Guiseppe, will you adopt me?

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    WE WANT DETAILS!!!!!!!!

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    Originally posted by ShandyLynnRN
    Great looking car! Not to mention those kiddos and that hot momma that's gonna be driving!!!

    I can't decide who I think is prettier, the kids or the car!!

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    sure, when I get to for a ride on your Harley!!!

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    and just because I am so excited, here's one of my children and the new baby

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    Here's another one. The chunky blonde with the bad roots, that's my alter ego. The real me is a very svelte blonde with perfect hair.

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    Hey looky at my new baby!!!!!!!!

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    Archery. I am into competetive archery. Currently compete at a state level, am hoping to move to the national level next year.


    I used to do dried flower arrangements and I really want to start doing that again.

    Reading. I love to read and can spend hours reading, especially if I am in the middle of a good book.

    Of course all of this is dependent upon the current activity of my children, because I spend so much time running them around to their respective extra curricular activities. This doesn't leave much time to dedicate to my hobbies except archery. I settled that issue by getting both of them into it as well.