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    Quote from rn2bmaira
    the has a little over a 1000 questions.
    it is a full review course. it is divided into topics like kaplan, like management of care... and it gives you web pages to read... that are very small, just a review, then at the end of the pages, you take a 20q quiz, when you are done with all the topics, they give you 850questions that you can do.
    it mostly gives you the rationale of the right answer, and sometimes the wrong answer.
    but i think it's good additional practice.

    it's not user friendly at first, but then you get the hang of it.

    oh yeah, after you are done with the quizes you have to review right away because it does not save your answers, just your score.

    i hope it helps me pass boards!

    so what do you mean? if i will enroll in ncsbn course it is not worth it? or i will just waste my money. i want to know because i'm planning to enroll this end of october. i thought i can used it 24 hours. if i want to open and do some pratice exam i can use it. i don't understand. please enlighten me more. thanks! god bless!

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    Anybody who works in one of the hospital in Bakersfield, California? Please give me some idea how much is the salary of Critical Care Nurse
    ang hemodialysis nurse per hour. And how many hours per week , duty of a nurse. Thanks! :spin:

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    Quote from SilverSurfer
    I used NCSBN Online review together with Saunders Q & A, I received my results last Sept. 4, and PASSED!
    Please give me some points. How many questions they provide you everyday with rationale. Thanks!:spin:

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    Iwant to enroll in the ncsbn course (15 weeks) but i want to know how many questions they will provide me everyday. Please give me some information regarding this. Thank you very much in advance!:spin:

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    hello everybody ! i need help and suggestions ...........
    i'm a registered nurse from the philippines and i want to become a registered nurse in california. what will i do?
    anybody who wants to help me, please try to send me some messages.
    thanks ! god bless !:spin: