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    Hi, I am a 54 yrs old housemom trying to break into nursing. I was a textile designer prior to 9-11, and been studying nursing for the last 3 yrs for a AAS in RN. 16 more credits to go and I failed my last chance to stay in the college program. I resorted to getting a CNA and hope to become a RN later on. 1st impression on getting a job as a CNA is, ( correct me if I m wrong ) hospital won't take U because U R not experienced, so U ended up getting jobs from nursing home. Nursing home may still select you because U R inexperienced. So far I handed out many resumes and no one call back - and I thought the fiels is in need of nurses. Does this not apply to CNA as well? Should I engage an agency to find me work? Whats the down side of working with an agency? Don't they pay U less ( cause they will take a portion of your pay as fee? or expect U to work a period of time before U can quit?) Or should I continue visiting nursing homes and hospitals and pound them with my resumes???? I am in the NYC area, is nursing jobs so competitive? Or should I move into the Long Island suburb?