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  • Jun 11 '12

    hello forumers. after a week of anxiety and frustration, my visa arrived through courier without a warning. i was expecting that my case officer will ask me to mail my passport which would take another week, but no! it is now in my possession, all four pages of it. upon lodging my application i was instructed to submit a photocopy of my passport, and over the weeks i was puzzled why they never asked for the original. so to all those who are still waiting, the embassy might issue a label-free visa. ("The Australian Government does not require you to have a visa label placed into your passport for travel to Australia.")

    God Bless to all of you. RocknRoll!

  • Jun 4 '12


    I'm finally in Sydney! And should be in Wollongong tomorrow to start getting to know my workplace. I just want thank everyone in this forum who helped me during my AHPRA application (August 2011) up to its approval (Feb. 2012).

    If I can be of help to any one here, please don't hesitate to PM me or leave a comment here. This is my way of giving back.

    God bless everyone.