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    Thank you for the response, although I am unable to activate the web site provided www.quality tools. Do you have another site possibly? Once again thank you.

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    Have a question, a friend of mine works for a homehealth agency. The boss gives frequent verbal orders over the phone, i assume to save time, she gets back to the office the boss hasent reieved orders and she is told(friend) that she must get the orders. The rules seem to change weekly, on call starts on friday one week then the next week it starts on sat. friend has been sent out to start care with no actual orders unknowingly because she trusts the boss to give correct info or orders. friend has experience at hospital and practices correctly according to nurse practice laws, i dont think this place is practing legally, or do most home health agencys fidget or get by with assumed orders until they speak with doctor. on another account, she needed a diagnosis, called the office, they told her to look at rx bottle-toporol- so she was told to put htn as diagnosis. also, if a nurse is not familiar with diff drng changes, isnt the company suppose to teach or send to class to prevent mistakes, cause harm, and maintain license. one more question would the above be poss fraud. Thanks for your time