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    Hi Claudia, there's a saying that goes like this ....If you aren't doing some mistakes, you are not doing enough..But don't let your mistakes from the past define what you really want to do this time. your love and dedication to our work are most needed. be blessed!

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    Hi Claudia, there is a saying that goes like this..If you aren't doing some mistakes, you are not doing enough... But don't let your past define what you want to do now. Your love to our profession are most needed! Be Blessed!!!

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    hi Lisa your insight is truly needed here. being out of the scenes doesn't mean we are already unworthy. To be back in the real scene of nursing needs a lot of preparation and willingness to learn.let's not forget we have two arms to embrace the whole situation all we need to do is to be more optimistic and always think that we are not only into a profession but a vocation that needs true and honest dedications:cheers

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    well, if he comes on April be sure that you will not be convinced if the hiring is for Saskatchewan, North Battelford or Prince Alberta. You may be excited to go to Canada but you are in for a big shock when you find out you are going to the places which have the worst weather in the country and are stuck in small populated towns.

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    hi i'm also clueless at the start thanks for this informative site and all the posts by merely reading all the posted replies would already be a great help for us who are just starting.....

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    Congrats and more power!!!

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    from Philppines and planning to work in Canada hopefully when my sponsorship will be granted