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    Hi TiffaniRose,

    My GPA was a 4.0. We had to take the NLN a few years ago and I scored in the 99th percentile. We took the TEAS after we began our semester. I know they do things differently now. I did not drop any classes but did put my application on hold for one year. I found the TEAS to be a little more difficult than the NLN, which was relatively easy. I still scored 93% in the TEAS with no preparation. You will love it there. The teachers are very helpful and they want to see you succeed! Good luck with the process.

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    break time...thank you. I never thought about the fear in that regard. It makes a lot of sense to always have a little fear so complacency does not set in.

    NP-BC...I think both fields interest me. I need to decide on which to pursue. People keep telling there are so many other options with nursing. If you get bored there are always other nursing avenues to go down.

    Maybe I should consider being a CNA at the hospital and get some more experience and really see if that is what I want. Maybe it is just fear of the unknown.

    Thank you both for your input.

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    Thank you for your response Chin Up! The funny thing is I haven't been at peace and have been struggling to make a decision. My husband suggested maybe I'm in love with the idea of nursing, not so much actually becoming a nurse. I just don't want to regret not following through. I know it's never too late but I also don't want to wait forever. Life is short!

    I really need to figure out what is holding me back. I went from being really excited when I started nursing school to being relieved when I left. Yet, even now still yearning to go back and finish. Luckily I have continued to take classes that would transfer into a BSN program as opposed to the diploma school I was enrolled in. I'm just getting tired of my own indecisiveness.

    Thanks again!

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    Here is my dilemma that I hope you all can give me advice on. I was a nursing student, but had to take a leave of absence due to family conflict. I successfully made it through the first semester with flying colors. When it was time for me to return, I got cold feet and gave up my spot to another student. I realize that I enjoy the technical side of nursing like assessments, giving shots, meds, etc. I guess I'm stressing over the what if' what if I don't do something I'm supposed to, what if I miss an important symptom and it turns out to be serious or just ignore something I think is minor because you have many patients to take care of. I'm considering radiography now because I think I like working on one patient at a time.

    Nursing was always something I wanted to do and my clinical instructor said I would make a great nurse. I guess maybe I'm just lacking the confidence I need to be successful. But having someone's life in my hands on a daily basis is scary. I don't know if I want that type of responsibility or stress for that matter.

    Thanks in advance for your input

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    Day students are in May and evening students are around September.

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    I think the only way for you to get in for the day program is if someone declines the offer, then maybe you have a shot. Is it possible for you to attend the E/W program just for the first year and then switch to day?

    I would think by this late date that those who accepted Abington's offer have sent in their acceptance fee.

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    I lived in Florida just for a few months and absolutely loved it! I can't wait to go back again someday. The area was beautiful and the people were very friendly. The lizards are cool too!!

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    Congrats everyone!! I'm in the day program and looking forward to meeting some of you.

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    After your suggestion of releasing the tension, I went and did just that. It definitely helped. Now they don't feel like they are jabbing at my ears as much.

    Thank you everyone for all your suggestions! They have all been very helpful!

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    I thought of that, but I can only hear with them one way. It could be because they are new and the ear tubes are still stiff. I'll figure it out eventually. In the meantime, I will practice on the family and probably drive them crazy!!

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    My stethoscope only came with gray ear pieces, not black. If the black ones are softer then maybe I will order a pair.

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    Is it normal for a stethoscope to hurt my ear canals so much? I am new to this as I am a nursing student. I tried changing the earbuds but that didn't seem to help much either. I can't imagine working all day like that. Anyone else have this problem? What solved it? I bought the Littmann Cardiology III, it is sort of heavy....could that be the problem? Or do I just need to get used to it!

    I know my original ipod earbuds didn't work well with my ears either and I had to buy the Sony brand with the tiny buds.

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    I just purchased a stethoscope on the 14th and it arrived today, (25th). I had it engraved and the engraving is a different font than what I chose. No big deal, at least it has my correct name on it. The price was better than any other site I checked.

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    Does anyone use Magna Fortis stethoscopes? I have read many posts regarding the Littman Master Cardiology, but then I came across the article to medical students about the Magna Fortis and others. Any input is greatly appreciated. I want to get a good stethoscope before clinicals begin.



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    You definitely need a pencil for the math portion of the TEAS. I can't imagine any school not allowing paper and pencils. That is crazy. Our school supplied both. They handed the paper out during the math section of the exam. We were not allowed to use calculators, just paper and pencils.