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    Teaching Non-Violent communications skills is VERY helpful to assist patients in gaining skills with expressing feelings, thoughts, and needs in a healthy manner without posing a risk of upsetting others!

    All the best in your rotation!

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    Hello to you,

    Does the Michigan BON have an impaired professionals program? Our State does and the program assists you in getting documenation/monitoring together so that you eventually will be granted more priviledges in the future.

    What about checking out agency nursing? They are the only people who have a need to know what your restrictions are, not the client.

    Regardless of what you look at for opportunities, put in as many applications in every place you can think of. Remain up front and honest. If you continue to work at it something will evenually turn up. DON'T GIVE UP!

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    Work with the BON on this. They are the only people who can advise you at this point. You can ask them if there is anything you can do to help this along. Good luck to you!

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    You could check out gift ideas for nurses at They have humorous gifts and may give you some ideas.

    Good luck!

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    Dear lunaRN,

    Where is this, "Nursing Licensure with a criminal history" forum found?

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    Hello chinadollie,

    Don't give up! Find out from the BON and NCLEX what it is that you need to do. You have worked too hard to go through nursing school and you shouldn't give that up lightly. You should also consider contacting an attorney who can advice you, or, give you some sort of direction. I agree with LLG, you may experience difficulty finding some jobs that your background could be considered substancially related to the job critera. But, with that being said, there are many areas of nursing to explore (that don't involve direct care). So become proactive and find out what hoops you have to go through!

    The best of luck to you!

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    Congratulations! You bet you can't be too picky about nursing jobs these days!

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    hello brokenewgrad,

    you can check out this web site for that inofrmation good luck to you!

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    Hello to all of you in PHN!

    I have been blessed with having an interview for a position (YEAH!) and am in need of some help. I do have a background in L/D, postpartum, and newborn nursery, but not directly in publlic health.

    I will be returning to grad school soon to work toward my DNP in public heath, but need some ideas about areas to brush up on, or, possible interview questions that may be asked.

    Thanking everyone in advance!

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    Quote from NancyNurse08
    Are you referring to my post?

    Sorry Nancynurse08, you are a faster typer than I am. I was refering to Chocokitten's VA patients.

  • 0 sad. Our State allows the abuse to be reported well after an individual turns 18, but after the statute of limitations is met there is nothing that can be done. I can't imagine what your patients have gone through if they have carried this burden for all their life without any resolution.

    Many of our criminally mentally ill males have also experienced sexual abuse. It really screws them up.

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    Quote from ebear
    I think you would need to discuss with the patient (privately) whether this happened in the distant past or if this is a situation they are currently experiencing. If necessary to report problem, go through Social Services Dept. at your facility and they will further investigate and take appropriate action. Don't jump the gun.

    I hope I wasn't misunderstood about contacting Human Services. My point was to contact them without having interviewed a patient. You can pose all types of senerios of what may be reportable, and understand your legal responsibilities.

    If your facility isn't going to define a policy and proceedure which provides you with protection, then knowing your state law will.

    Good Luck

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    How about contacting your local human services department? If your facility is not going to define the issue for you, then they will certainly let you know what your state law requires of you as a required reporter.

    Good Luck!

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    Quote from aspiringnurse7
    i hear so many people in the nursing field speaking about how much they hate their career! do you? why?

    [font=lucida console]well, aspiring...i don't know as though nurses "hate" the actual job they perform. i believe it believe the conflict has more to do with peripheral issues related to how we must function in our chosen specialties.
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    [font=lucida console]such as:
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    [font=lucida console]not feeling as though we have an all inclusive, active, democratic voice in unit/policy/proceedural decisions. when this is absent, the outcomes can lack common sense to us frontline workers and can inhibit our ability to perform for the betterment of our patients. i am happy for any of my peers who haven't experienced this, but many of us have.
    [font=lucida console]
    [font=lucida console]having our duties increased and staffing capped. great for the budget...bad for our patients. and a formula for burnout.
    [font=lucida console]
    [font=lucida console]continuing to have our wages artifically suppressed as administration affords themselves great wage increases. or, hires new staff rn's $1.00/hr less than those with five years of seniority.
    [font=lucida console]
    [font=lucida console]please do not think that i don't like being a nurse, because i love what i do. it's just that our profession is in a time of change that requires assertivess and activism to usher us into the new face of what nursing needs to look like.

    embrace what you love to do and open your mind to what you want to see! great question!

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    Quote from <3nursing07
    i'm having an issue with these locked seclusion orders on my floor. i was told by management that during night shift where there is no physician and after about three pm no advanced practice psychiatric nurse then the person who needs to sign the order is a registered nurse. this supposedly has not been approved or confirmed but that is what management is telling me to do. i mean these locked orders only last for four hours. i feel extremely uncomfortable signing these orders and i had my first locked patient and the charge nurse told me that the best thing to do besides risking my license is unlocking the patient while he is asleep and hope for the best. so i unlocked him and thankfully he was fine for my shift. so what is the locked seclusion protocol for your floors i'm so confused about this topic.

    [font=lucida sans unicode]:spin: rock on elkpark! i'm with you! our facility requires an md order for the first hour (with a face to face), and a face to face every hour thereafter till the point of a total four hours in locked seclusion occurs. at that point the md may order a four hour time block of seclusion before they have to perform the next face to face evaluation.
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]i don't know what you were advised in nursing school 3nursing07, but i was taught to never perform any intervention without a facility policy and procedure in place. without one, you no longer have the protection of your employer's standard of care. in a court situation you would have to validate your actions based on prudent judgement, or a professional body that defines practice for correctional nurses validate it.
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]the act of placing someone in a locked selusion in effect removes an individual's civil rights and needs to be monitored by an advanced practice individual for it to continue.
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]please advocate for yourself and put in writing to your supervisors a request for a policy and proceedure related to this issue, and keep a copy. you are also within appropriate boundries to tell them you are not comfortable carrying out this task any longer till a policy is developed.
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    [font=lucida sans unicode]please keep yourself safe!