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  • Sep 6 '11

    I think this is the hospital where some 75% of the births are of those to illegal aliens ...

    The problem is, the more we give healthcare away for free, the more we'll see a decline in service, patient care, and ultimately, the availability of care for everyone.

    This is too much reality for those who say healthcare is a "right," but it's true.

    Someone has to pay -- if we continue to treat non-paying customers, we're sure to see more of this in the future, everywhere.

  • Aug 7 '11

    By the way, if you hate us so much and think we don't deserve to be a part of society (my youngest is completely unvaxed and the other two are partially vaxed), why don't you build us an island to go live on then? I would happily load all my babies up, vaccine damaged one and the ones who are not, and move there with all my unvaxing friends who also have damaged older children who suffer from seizures and the like. In fact, in support groups we have fantasized about this - a utopian society all our own.

  • Aug 7 '11

    For Pete's sake, can we please stop with the "I'd rather have an autistic kid than a dead kid" remarks? That is so flippant and compassionless and is a dismissive of the hell on earth that my daughter lived through for years on end because doctors refused to help us.

    Would you say something as horrible as "at least your child is still alive" to these parents? Would you tell them to just be grateful he'll never get the measles? I think if this were my child, I would PRAY for him to die. How the hell can you call that living?

    I would happily take a VPD over THAT nonstop hell for my child, thank you. At least a child who gets a VPD gets compassion from you folks instead of told that their child's suffering is perfectly acceptable.

    I get the drift folks. In your eyes, I am nothing more than an angry, irresponsible parent who cannot accept that her screwed up genes gave her a defective child so I need someone to blame. But why are you so flippant and compassionless and make such horrible statements that trivialize the lousy quality of life that these children have?

  • Jul 26 '11

    We should not be so quick to dismiss the short or long term effects of vaccines. We are all aware of the improper records, incomplete studies on both sides, sponsored studies and legislation by the companies manufacturing them.

    It could be compared to any sales industry. We drink from plastic bottles, yet we're over run with them and there have been studies that show bottled water contains bacteria from the point it is bottled. Of course manufacturers can still profit from them and more and more funding goes to resolving the problem instead of just stopping the manufacture of them. Why is that so? We can build a space ship and other equipment that can withstand extreme cold and heat (Worked on test equipment and applied straps to mother boards that went into the guidance system for a certain Rover mission when I worked for a well known eletronics manufacturer), but can't design a car that is completely safe; really? There vaccines available without preservatives, but it's cheaper for hospitals, doctor's offices, etc. to buy them in bulk full of crap to be able to sit on shelves for long periods of time. I'm sorry but everything has to be taken with a grain of salt.

    We talk about the preservatives, but what about the way the vaccines are made? Why aren't we discussing that? Has anyone considered that maybe certain childhood diseases should exists. Why am I vaccinating my child for sexually transmitted diseases in infancy or as a toddler? Why have other countries changed their vaccination schedules and banned others, yet our government is requiring DTp for a diploma? And who sponsored the legislation? Hello!! Does anyone else smell fish?

  • Jun 27 '11

    It's a shame that nurses with integrity so often have to suffer the consequences....

    I hope her settlement is enough to keep her going for along time as - unfortunately - she may never be able to find employment as a nurse again.


  • Jun 26 '11

    "...apparently you are too young to know how serious chicken pox can get or the horrific scarring it left on many children or the damages it causes to a fetus if a woman contracts it while pregnant. chicken pox worsens as a person ages and the risks increase, instead of decrease.

    children died of this disease...just fyi....there is no cure for chicken pox, which is why the vaccine was developed."

    prior to the chickenpox vaccine --- i had chickenpox at age 32. sister had chickenpox at 30. father had chickenpox at 66. most of my children have had chickenpox. i would not be opposed to my children receiving the vaccine when they are older (if they haven't had it by then). please see previous posts about how many children die every year from chickenpox and how many suffer from serious adverse effects from the vaccination.
    in some ways, i think this vaccine became popular because it allows mothers to not have to stay at home for two weeks with kids who have chickenpox. there you go, flame me.........

  • Jun 26 '11

    Quote from ozoneranger
    One has to wonder what the administrators at that facility rely on?
    if one doesn't care, then you don't need anything or anyone for support.
    pathetic, isn't it?


  • Jun 22 '11

    Thank you to all who commented on my courage to report unsafe practice, I took the leap and I am dealing with the consequences now. I was told not to long ago good leaders lead and deal with the consequences later. I know I was a good leader in my department despite what others thought. I can look at myself in the mirror with respect and not feal gulity. I chose my battle, as I have aged in nursing I have learned like Chin-up stated "you pick and choose your battles" The other issue to reporting is if you work in an at will state or a place where they use group one as the background resource( another blackball in the nursing community) you are out of luck getting a job. I have came to the conclusion that what little money I did get after paying the very high priced lawyer( another story) I had to use to pay back my expenses when I did not have a job and to make up for the 50,000 dollar a year cut in pay so monetarily it was not a profit as some believe if you blow the whistle you never have to work again, not always true. I have also learned I will need to relocate probably out of state to start my career over clean slate where no one knows me. I will have to do this just to survive , for my family. It seems ironic how we are bound by law to report unsafe practice but yet we are not protected in doing so. double edge sword.

  • Jun 22 '11

    I will not permit my patients to be harmed. There are so many people worried about covering their *ss, that nothing gets done. If I can't look in the mirror and like who I see. It is not worth it. Nothing is worth the price of my self respect!

  • Jun 20 '11

    Quote from JROregon
    We spread out vaccinations on our son who was born in 2000 but not with our daughter born 2 years later. After doing extensive research on the subject, I realized that kids, even as young as a year, can handle hundreds of thousands of vaccinations (if there was that possibility). Unless a child has a compromised immune system, he/she is capable of making hundreds of thousands of anti-bodies that will protect against a future illness. Think chicken pox is harmless, I pray your child doesn't get it as a teen or adult. Look into shingles and how it affects older adults.

    It's a good thing that kids can "handle hundreds of thousands of vaccinations". The polio vax alone has, unbeknownst to the public, dozens, maybe hundreds of viruses in it. Not just the poliovirus. It wouldn't surprise me at all if the other vaccines do, too.

    I am old enough that there was only the smallpox vax when I was a kid. Also the tetanus, maybe the DPT. Those who are my age had the measles, mumps, rubella, and chicken pox, along with lots of colds and Fifth Disease, which might have been known as scarletina. I know of no one who suffered blindness, deafness, or any other complications from having these illnesses - except maybe some scarring from scratching. Doesn't at all mean some people don't suffer complications, but it does make you kind of wonder.

  • Jun 20 '11

    Trekfan, With the processing and memory issues you have described I have to say that there really is no way for you to be an RN because we have to rely so much on our memories and critical thinking skills. Case management requires bed side experience of at least 2 and more like 5 years.

    I agree with the posters who said right now forget about school and career and concentrate on taking care of your health. If the situation is as bad as you describe you may be able to qualify for a disability. I would encourage you to seek a leave under the federal family medical leave act.

    You stated you already spoke to your PCP and did not really get anywhere but I wonder if you told him/her the true extent of your problem? You need to make sure your doctor knows that this is affecting your life to the point that your job is in jeopardy because of it. If your doctor knows this and still is not taking action please get another doctor ASAP.

    Do you have a close friend or relative who could advocate for you? It is overwhelming and frustrating to manage your own care and with the memory issues it will be even harder for you. Seek assistance from a trusted person who can help you communicate the true extent of your problem to your medical providers.

  • Jun 20 '11

    Please do keep seeking until you find someone to help you with the issues that must be dealt with before you can proceed. Put all your energies there first.

    Best to you - I know your mind is swirling with a lot of thoughts right now. Focus on getting yourself some support and {{{trekfan}}} hugs - you are not alone. Lots of us have been through it either ourselves or our family members.

  • Jun 20 '11

    No, you can't be a RN right now. You need to concentrate on your health first. Pls see a good neuro. I also agree with the above to stop driving before you kill yourself or someone else. I'll be praying for you. Don't give up on your dream but do put it on hold for a bit until you are well.

  • Jun 19 '11

    Quote from Seth O Scope
    So those who believe vaccines are bad, where do you draw the line? Would you give your kids antibiotics? How about synthetic medicines? How about processed foods?
    I'll bite.

    I don't believe all vaccines are "bad". I do believe that we give too many, too close together. I also believe that all the vaccinations (and every decade there are more and more "required" vaccines) given to children who have immature and still-forming immune systems are part of the reason why autoimmune disorders are so very prevalent now, compared to 50 years ago.

    I very selectively vaccinate my children, based upon their individual circumstances. My two older children did not receive any vaccines until they were around 10, and at that time, I chose to selectively vaccinate (MMR, HepB, varicella if they hadn't yet gotten chicken pox, Gardasil). My youngest, who was premature and at high risk of developing asthma, we vaccinated against DTaP and RSV when he was an infant.

    Yes, I do give them antibiotics if they have an illness/infection that isn't going away on its own. I'm not sure what processed foods have to do with the argument.

    And as I said in my previous thread, the attitude of "I don't want my vaccinated child to be around your unvaccinated child" makes no sense. If anyone is at greater risk, it's my unvaccinated child, not your vaccinated child.

  • Jun 19 '11

    If one suspect had a pretty credible alibi, I would start looking at other suspects.

    The only research I know of finding a link was later found to be fraudulent. I'm not discounting that there may be a link, but I'm not going to use it in an intellectual debate unless there is more recent, credible research.