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    Well , I took the exam last oct and I too had all the 265 questions. But luck favoured me and I passed.Well I really dont know what is the criteria, but I beleive that each question plays a important role and you need to be careful with every question.I had lost all hopes of passing and when the results came I was too suprised. So dont loose hope, just beleive in u r self.

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    The ratio of staff nurse : patient is normally based on the condition of the patients and also depends on the number of staff available on duty.The ideal is 1:1 in the ICU or CCU.
    The CCU is meant only for cardiac cases and the ICU is meant for other medical cases. But with specialization, many tertiary hospitals have many ICU"S like the medical ICU, surgical ICU, neuro and neuro surgery ICU, trauma ICU, it depends on each hospital setting.