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    Kurt please give me a call as I am a fellow Floridian awaiting a CPNE date from Excelsior and this is irritating me because like you I didn't start to take classes from Excelsior for a whole year to make sure that this so called rumor, as the Florida Board stated to me, was put to rest. I was told from November 2004 when I registered at Excelsior till December 2005 that this was not true. That as long as you meet the requriements that I was fine. When I asked about the Surgical tech and EMT deal, I was blatantly told that as long as I had an ASN in nursing which is the minimum Florida is accepting that I was fine. I was told that besides, Excelsior was no longer accepting students that were CST's or EMT's as of 2004 (I registered before the cut off date). I started official doing my courses in 2006. I just want to know what's going on My number is 407-592-0023

    Quote from Kurt-crna wnabe
    I am another excelsior college ADN graduate who resides in panama city FL that is being screwed by the Florida board of nursing.

    I have some info I would like to add

    1) I called the BON atleast 5 times before and during my enrollment to verify i could endorse in with out a problem and was told I could endorse in without a problem. I specifically asked about having to work for two years in another state and was told each time that statute was refering to people who have never taken NCLEX. This can be verified by reading that Fl nurse practice act.

    When I contacted my local legislator's office the immediately began investigating my claim. What has angered me though is the initial response by Rick Garcia and BON lawyers- They wrote back to my legislator that :

    copied part of actual email sent from BON Lawyer:

    -----Original Message-----
    Sent: Wednesday, August 01, 2007 10:11 AM
    As you can see, Excelsior College has not been an
    approved nursing program since the 1990's. The college should have
    notified those applicants for this program in Florida that they were not
    approved. The students also have a responsibility to find out if the
    program they are looking at are approved by the state they plan to be
    licensed in. If you have additional questions, please contact me.

    This is why I am raging angry:angryfire

    The BON is outright lying to the office of my State Representitive and is doing the same to yours as well. Don't let them get away with this. Everybody affected like myself did infact contact the BON prior to enrolling as any good consumer would do, even though the school in nationally recognized and fully accredited, even winning awards for excellents. This E-Mail from the BON also indicates that Excelsior college is defrauding students by stating the college should not of told us we could get a license in FL. They are indicating Excelsior committed consumer fraud!! SORRY RICK GARCIA but you are full of it!! IF I THOUGHT EXCELSIOR MISLEAD ME, I WOULD HAVE FILED A LAWSUIT AGAINST THEM!! BUT IT IS YOU THAT HAS CHANGED POLICY AND YOU DO NOT WANT TO ADMIT IT!!

    I found Rick also to be very rude and stubborn as was most of his staff that i spoke with. He absolutely would not admit that excelsior students have been accepted for the last several years (NON_LPN) and would not tell me when the policy changed. I did tell him i felt his tone was rude and replied that i was the 30th person from excesior he had spoken with and basically indicated i should be greatful that he is speaking to me as he had not been taking calls related to this issue previosly

    I am sorry this is so long a rant. anybody please contact me PM and I will share my phone #, email below if the moderator won't delete it. I will share whatever info i have or get. everbody .....i mean EVERYBODY needs to contact their state rep. Although the FL BON has the right to adopt policy they should grandfather people in who were playing by the rules before Rick took over. Obviously Rick Garcia came in with an agenda and we need to band together and keep the pressure on. I will be speaking with my REP tommorow again to fill in the B.S. that RICK is feeding them.
    I Also intend to speak at the next BON meeting which is in October if this is not resolved by then and encourage everybody to do the same.

    Kurt Leach RN, ADN, EMT-P 850-624-2740

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    Quote from surgtech33606
    Yes, that is exactly what the new Director is saying has been the practice of FL BON since 1996.
    Dear surg tech 33606, I am a fellow Certified Surgical technologist currently awaiting my CPNE date from Excelsior. I had called the nursing board back in November 2004 before I registered for Excelsior to make sure this rumor was just that, a rumor. I was told on multiple occasions by the Florida nursing boards that it was. As long as I meet the requirements that Florida requires I was fine. I have been told this for the past two years. I didn't start taking classes for Excelsior till 2006 when the rumor had died. I feel that they just implemented this this year because they don't like the fact that Excelsior is taking away the majority of their enrollments. Please do not blame Excelsior for this because I read in a census that excelsior puts out more nurses than universities and there is a turf war going on. So anything they can do to stop excelsior they will. Think about it. They say that you can work in a federal faciltiy in Florida that will only pay you no more than $14.00 an hour as in RN