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    Quote from BonesGilmore
    URC & Kaplan have very different teaching method for URC's review is classroom based while Kaplan's is mainly computer based. Choose what suits your learning style.
    thank you so much. you really helped me about that. are they good in comes to reviewing?

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    Quote from Silverdragon102
    why do you need to enrol? Studying can be done on one's own or find a study buddy. What book have you bought to review from?
    the reason i want to enroll in review center because i want to have idea before taking the NCLEX exam here in the philippines. i dont have any book yet. but im supposed to buy Kaplan reviewer book. is that a best choice?

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    hi guys,
    what would be the choice?

    Universal Review Center or Kaplan?

    please help me to decide...