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    There is another way to test for RSV without the nasopharyngeal swab. We instill saline in the nares and then suction with a bulb syringe. Much easier on the babes and it also clears the airway. Too bad all hospitals don't use this method.

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    Hey Rick, I'm Tamiand I just turned 41. Been doin health care for too many years to count, started as a nurse aide and progressed from there. Went straight from school to the ER where I have been working for 4 years. I was one of those that crammed 2 years of school into 5 to get my Associate's Degree. LOVE MY JOB...just don't like it sometimes. I am also a Paramedic and volunteer in the small town that I live close to and work part-time as a medic with a private 911 and transport company. Want to work as a nurse on the Mobile Intensive Care Unit out of Toledo, Ohio (which is pretty close to home). Looks like I might be getting close, but competetion is tough. Wish me luck.

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    In my opion there is no end to the lame patients that are seen in any ER. I have worked as an ER Nurse for four years and people's stupidity still amazes me. When I began as a new ER nurse I was handed a paper about ER humor. Such as...You believe the first thing a person does when they enter this world and the last thing they do before leaving it is take a really big crap.
    My lame award for last night goes to the guy that supposedly got injured at work, but refused to file it under worker's comp because his employer required a drug screen. Doctor informed and drug screen ordered through ER. Guess what...positive for cocaine (who would've guessed). No narcs for him, only Motrin.