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    Hi, i plan to take nvlex for the third time, please guide me on what steps should i make? I applied via vermont twice. Can i apply through vermont or ncsbn? Please

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    Hi, i took nclex twice already and i am from abu dhabi. i applied via vermont, i just want to know how to apply for the third time, any links or please point me in the right direction, thank you. Ed

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    hi there..with regards to your situation right now, the decision will still be up to you to make. speaking from a guy's point of view, its better for us to initiate the first move rather than the girl. if you make it really obvious on how much you like him, he might think that your too easy and he just might jump for the quick kill. if you reaaly like him and wanted to have a long relationship with you doc., it would be wise to wait for a while and maybe he feels the same and maybe not. just establish a good foundation which is friendship and then just go with how it goes. dont push or rush on things too much and take your time.
    i know we come from different cultures, with yours much more liberated than mine. this is just my opinion and i hope and pray that everything will be fine. have a nice day.