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    Received my acceptance in early December and plan on starting in March. Anyone else in this class?

    BSN, RN

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    Quote from FroggieLiz
    When the doc asks for fundal pressure for AROM, and I will put my hand there, and just pretend. Often, they'll get so frustrated with my lack of "muscle strength" and do it themselves. That's fine...then it's all on them.

    Docs will ask for it if the sac is too high and they can't really get to it. Which means, that the baby is NOT engaged well enough and it is NOT the appropriate time to AROM (not that it's really ever "time" to do something like that) are impatient!

    AWHONN basically says no fundal pressure ever. Why in the world would a nurse just "pretend" and still allow a physician to perform it themself when she is in the room? This is not advocating for the patient at all and still opening up the nurse to a lawsuit if she knew it was against current standards but allowed it to happen anyway.

    Physicians are not be all, end all. By allowing the physician to perform fundal pressure and put the patient at risk of a negative outcome, is irresponsible and unprofessional in my opinion.

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    That is how I would do it. We had a million and one questions like this in Critical Care nursing along with HHNKS and DKA. It got so old.

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    You would look for the hypoglycemic reaction when the peak occurs. The reason being this: you just gave insulin to someone and the peak of the medicine effect is when it is most potent, therefore that would be the most likely time for someone to became hypoglycemic (the insulin allowed all the blood sugar in the blood to be taken into the cells and now there is not enough).

    The duration is how long the insulin is at measurable levels in the body, therefore you would look for hyperglycemia around this time (the end of the duration period), as the levels of insulin are dropping and the glucose levels naturally go up.

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    I have a 6 year old, 4 year old, and a 3 year old. I started nursing school when my youngest was 1.

    I have a 3.95 GPA (got my first A- after I wound up with cancer over the summer break last year, but went back to school 3 weeks later after a craniotomy) and manage to get the kids to soccer, gymnastics, etc. However, it does take a supportive husband who is willing to do things like bath and bed on the nights I need to study (usually the nights before exams).

    I am always told it is amazing that I am able to do it all, but truly it's all about time management.