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    is the vicki millazzo institute a good start for this , I am signed up for oct but the cost is alittle expensive, i live in ohio and am planning on marketing myself to several attorneys in columbus,cleveland and cincinnati, do i really need the follow up after the 6 days or can i develop my marketing after the course on info received

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    am well into my 50's and fly with air ambulance when traveling to florida every winter, love it as we fly lear jets out of the country and go everywhere so age is not a problem if the experience is there and the desire to just be a free spirit and go:roll

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    hello everyone am new to this forum, have been a traveling nurse for 12 yrs now and am looking into the legal consulting as a new direction for a home based nurse. I would appreciate any info anyone can give me for this career path as it is expensive to get the certification and would like some info first from other nurses and not just the companies/colleges trying to sell you the course. Hope to hear from you all soon thanks from traveling grandma