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    Hi community!

    Since I became a Nurse, I have always had a goal set for myself to become a Nurse Practitioner. As a new nurse I always thought I would do Family, but through my experience as a Med-Surg RN I have predominately cared for acute care adults in a hospital setting. I enjoy the hospital setting but have not had experience with pediatrics. I don't want to limit my capabilities to just one area.

    I have never worked in a community setting and not sure if I will enjoy it. I love educating my patients and "playing detective" to try and find a cause for what ever ails them. I want to thrive in my career, do I stay in the hospital or work in a family practice setting? Will my lack of experience with children hinder my practice?

    Any suggestions or even stories of your experience would be greatly appreciated.

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    Thanks RNewbie!

    Why is the job market so horrible. Is it because everyone wants to work there and jobs are hard to come by?

    I'm talking to one travel agency and will probably sign a contract with them.

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    I'm very excited to announce the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I'm moving to Los Angeles, California! I have begun the daunting task of job placement. I have some very specific needs and a specific location in mind. I have spoken and secured a position as a Per Diem RN with an agency based in L.A. however the hours are not guaranteed.

    So I began researching different Travel agencies, I have spoken to a couple, but how do I gauge the reliability of each one. Do I sign-on with one agency or multiple?

    What's a new Travel Nurse to do?

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    I have been a Med-Surg-Tele RN for about 6 years now. Our average ratio is 1:6. It is challenging and fast paced. I have done everything you mentioned PLUS titrating Cardiac gtts and monitoring the patient's rhythm. I believe every hospital is different and I would ask to shadow an RN for a day or two if you have the time. Hope this helps!

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    Hi i'm new to forums in general and Nursing too. I have been an RN for a year now on a Med/Surg/Telemetry unit. It's a great floor to gain experience on. We really get a wide range of patients and i'm learning something new everyday. Problem is...i'm getting bored and want to see what else is out there in nursing. I'm scared to try ICU or even the ER. But i know i want to expand my horizons. I think my reluctance lies in the fact that i have passed out a couple times as a Student nurse and almost once the other day. A doc was trying to perform a bedside thorocotomy? he tried to put in a chest tube, anyway, i was fine watching him make the incision, he then put his fingers in the incision and was feeling around and the patient was is such pain, i began to feel as though i were to pass out. So i asked him to leave and i drank some OJ and went back in, he then said the procedure could not be done at bedside, it needed to be performed in the OR. I felt like....less of a nurse because of this. I want to get over this feeling. How many others still get lightheaded? i'm just curious.