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    I think that I saw some INFO about cross training of sorts on cross country trav corps website. I t-ravel with them. They are -base dout of Florida. The number is 1-800-347-2264.

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    I have worked the last 9 months on a general surgical floor. Here at this hospital we are only required to float within our specialty. I have floated to the other surgical floor and to out post surgical care unit. I recieved no orientation. I did find the staff to be appreciative and very pleasant towards me, almost more pleasant than some of my co-workers on my PERM unit.
    We have a float book. We take turns floating. The only thing is, that you had to make sure yourself that it was written in the book before you left. Somtimes it did get missed and you had to float again. If it was written down, then you diddn't go.
    I do think that if you had experience on the medical floor then you could opt to float there instead of being cancelled when the surical floor's census was low.
    Hope this helps. Always say something though if you do not feel comfortable floating to the area where you do. I was not telemetry certified when I floated to PSU, so I just told them and the other nurses monitored my clients telemetry. I do know the basics and can point out something life threatening to my clients.

    Best of Wishes

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    In my experience, we took VS on every new admission for the first week, then once a month after that if everything was ok. We were also required to get VS on every medicare patient each shift. This worked pretty well. We also did not have to chart on everyone each shift; just the ones who were sick and also each medicare patient. Every patient did get charted on atleast x2 a month.

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    Your fairy is called Water Reeddancer

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    AND those darn bees!!!! I guess we shall never meet.. i am allergic!!

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    Your Vampire Name
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    Great pictures everyone.
    And i am jsut in love with those big BLUE eyes of ANDREW.. how cute he is
    Here is a pic of my only son
    :-) enjoy

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    I have wanted to be a nurse since I was a little girl. I can still remember when my and my baby sister used to place hospital. Mom didn't much like it cause our dolls were always ending up with markings of some sorts on them, that would not come off... LOL
    Nursing is a great field to work in. Yes it does have its down sides, which mostly has to deal with administration and wages. I have been a nurse for 6 years now. I love it and would never think of changing careers. I feel that I am always learning and am always being challenged. I have never gotten bored with being a nurse. I love the feeling that I get when a patient tells me what a difference that I made for their stay in the hospital or when I can be there for a family who has lost a loved one. In nursing, we take care of many different people besides our patients (families/friends, other nurses, and ourselves).
    Be prepared for the long shifts, that you think will never end and the ones where you leave just wanting to cry because they were so hectic. Take comfort in the good days and don't fret too much on the bad ones. Every jobs have their good and bad days.
    Nursing takes a compassionate person. One who can laugh and cry with their patients. One who can be serious when the time is right, but who also has the sense to lighten up. Please don't come into nursing for the wages, as you can see in other posts there have been negative remarks on nursing wages.
    There are so many different areas that a nurse can work in. Finding what's right for you is half the fun. I began my nursing career in longtermcare, where I stayed for a little over three years. I have worked on MED/SURG, general medical, and general surgical floors. I have worked as a travler and a permanent staff memeber. Currently I am getting ready to begin traveling again. My first assignment is on a MED/Renal floor. I am looking forward to learning as much there as I have at my current job.
    So, if you want diversity and you are comiited to working hard at your profession, then nursing is great for you. I wish you all the best.

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    Hi all my name is Frances! I am a RN of 3 years. Prior to that I was a LPN for 3 1/2 years. I have worked in geriatrics, medical, and surgical. I am a traveler nurse. After taken 6 months off, I have decided to go back to it. My first assignment starts Dec.2nd. So I am in the process of moving. RRRRRggg dont you just hate it!!! Moving from Va. back to NC.
    I am engaged. No kids, unless you count my 20+ pound feline. Alfred is my kittie, whom thinks he is a kid sometimes. He has the personality to die for. and he is SPOILED rotten.
    HOBBIES: reading, movies (I do not recommend the new adam sanler movie), music (anywhere from KidRock and Creed to Trisha Yearwood and Ray Stevens), TV (mostly education channels. Maye one day I will get brave enough to watch the history channel), and I write some verrrry ameteur poetry.
    Goals: My biggest goal is that I want to be a mommie, but I am not ready as of yet. I am currently attending the University of Phoenix online for my BSN and possibly my MSN. NP might be a goal in the far future.

    I am looking forward to becoming more familiar with the bulletin board and with getting to know you. I have been here for a little over a week and have read some very intersting posts and sumitted a few of my 0.02's worth.

    Take care.

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    If a patient made this request of me I would not hesitate. I would be honored to sit with my patient and say this prayer for them. I say prayers for my patients all the time on the way home from work. So what is the difference here. It could make a lot of difference for the patient.
    I am not a Religious freak. I do believe in God and that he can heal the sick and end the suffering. He is everywhere and in the hearts of all those whom let him in.
    I think of one situtaion, in which I prayed with my patient. She was a young lady, in her 40's, dying of cancer. Chemo had not helped the type of cancer she had. She was in the nursing home where I worked for about two weeks. She was constantly surrounded by family members and friends. This one night I worked she was alone and having a really tough night. We prayed together that night. A few days later she was in an unresponsive state. Hanging on for something or someone. I sat with her and prayed again. She died the next day. Maybe the prayers just offered her some sort of comfort/relief.
    I do believe that it is part of our nursing duty. I can certainly see where it would make some feel uneasy. Offer a moment of silence and a silent prayer.
    Take care :-)

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    Great suggestions eveyone. I use to rewrite my notes also. Flashcards are also good to use. I also would study with a NCLEX review book.
    Hope these tips helps! Best wishes!

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    Just a thought! Each state has a number that you can call to find out if a person is registered with them as a nurse. Employers use this number. In NC, where I got my license, I called the board of nursing and followed the voice prompts. I knew within 3 weeks. It took another 2 weeks before i got any information from the board of nursing.
    Best of Luck to your daughter!!!

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    To all:
    There have been some great comments on both sides of the fences. The question is WOULD YOU RECOMMEND NURSING AS A CAREER? Each person has their reasons for not recommending it or for recommending it. We as a profession should be supportive of each other and to new people coming into the profession. Not to the point to lie to each other. But it is this hostility and negative nature in some of these posts, that have lead to the decline in nursing.
    Fine nurisng is not as glamourous as we some would like. And Yes there are more jobs out there with more monetary value and probally where one gets more respect. Do you think that Florence Nightengale was into nursing for the money? No! She possessed all the qualities that nurses should have today, but some have forgotten them while chasing the big bucks.
    I have only been a nurse for 6 years. I go to work to do my job, to my best ability. I am one of those nurses who take more pride in helping someone die with dignity or seeing someone get well, than I do with monetary perks.
    For all those who have such negative feelings towards nursing: Maybe it is a time for a career change for you!!
    For those who are in it for the money: Consider agency/traveling nursing. It has it perks.
    All of us need to evaluate why we are in nursing. We need to pull together and be supportive of our fellow nursing, but most importantly to our PROFESSION.

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    HI. I too am a student of the University of Phoenix. I started in May. I have taken 3 classes so far. I have taken the last 4 weeks off. Due to moving, my next class I am taking will be College MATH. The nursing classes require lots of reading and writing of papers. Hard to work full time and pack to move the first of December.
    Tips: The sooner that you get the books and print out your modules the better. (2) Each instructor's syllabus takes presidence over the course module. (3) You have to log into the classroom and post atleast one post 5 days out of seven. (4) Remember that each instructor has there own set of rules.
    I am enjoyed the experience so far. I only had one instructor that i did not really like. The others have been great. I love the ability to work at my own pace and at any time of the day. I work nights, so my sleep schedule is messed up. It is nothing for me to be doing classwork at 4am on my day off.
    Wishing you all the best.

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    Ultimately the choie is yours and you need to decide what is best for you. Eveyone's suggestions thus far are great.
    I have been an Rn for three years. Prior to that I was a LPN for 3 years and a CNA for 2 years. I had to go this route due to money issues. It was easier for me to go through the RN program making what I made as an LPN versus going through it making what I made as a CNA.
    The experience was great! I went through a mobility program for my RN. They took my first year as an LPN and my schooling and gave me credit for the first year of the ADN program after passing one refresher course.
    I feel that working through each of these levels have gave me the compassion and the ability to work with each member of the healthcare team to allow us to give the best quality of care to our patients.
    I wish you and all our FUTURE nurses the best. We sure do need you.
    take care