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  • Jun 30 '09

    I am going to share my story, sorry for the long post. . . . .

    Failing the NCLEX left me feeling very lost. Before taking the NCLEX I turned to other nurses for their input on the exam, all of them said they passed with the 75 questions. When I went to take the test I was waiting for the 75 questions, once question 76 hit my stomach dropped and my heart raced. I was filled with frustration and anger, where did I go wrong? I walked out of the exam feeling like a failure, I know everyone says this, but I knew in my heart it was not my day. I am not going to tell you how many questions I had or what type of questions were asked. I listened to all the talk about the NCLEX and I believe it hindered me from passing the examination.

    When I recieved the results two days later my gut feeling was right. They put the results so nicely, failed is all it read. I stared at the screen for a while, I couldn't believe this happened. The failing results left me feeling as though someone died in my family. I would never wish anyone ever have to feel how I felt that day.

    I wish I brave enough to tell more people I failed so those that do would not feel alone as I do. I have a great support system, my parents, fiance, and friends are all behind me and support me. For some reason I still feel low and in a haze.

    I went to the bookstore today to look for study books. I just flipped through them and became frustrated, I do not know where to go from here. I did Kaplan before taking it the first time, I was getting low scores on the question trainer and q bank. I think I need to sutdy more on how to answer the questions.

    I know once I pass my self esteem will go up, but right now it has been shot down. My confidence has been shattered. I know I need to pick myself up and start being positive, I am just having a hard time doing it. I have 21 days till I retake it. I will keep you posted.

  • Dec 9 '07

    I did not keep bio or micro or Anatomy or physiology- or the psychobabble human growth and development book -all of the information in the books you can find on the internet at anytime- get the money for the books----- I did though keep all of the power points of A& P and downloaded them to my Palm so I can pull them up and review the material whenever I want- but the books- to heavy- I sold them.
    I will keep my nursing books though- I have quite a collection of them already.
    But after I pass the NCLEX I will most likely sell the NCLEX review books and any old drug books-

  • Nov 15 '07

    I do dislike nursing school immensely. I do fear that I will never like nursing. It's a little late to backtrack as I graduate in a few days...but nursing school has been filled with irritable post-menopausal women, tears, and high rates of competition and failure. I've lost so many acquaintences through the time I've been inschool because they could not go on.
    I've seen so many brilliant people be reduced to tears because they were made to feel unappreciated and low in intelligence.
    It has not been a good experience and to this very moment it has not been the best. I feel like I missed out on college because of nursing school and that really stinks.
    But whatever, I'm almost through.

    I've just got to pass the NCLEX and then I can figure out if I want to continue in nursing or explore other options. I totally understand why there is a shortage of one can make it through nursing school and if they do they regret ever beginning it in the first place.