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    Hello all ! I'm a LPN/LVN student in my final term of school, anticipating graduation in only 8 weeks! I'm looking foward to taking the PA state boards (NCLEX) shortly thereafter. Just some dates to give you all a reference for time... Graduation is Sept 20th, definate date for test yet. My housing lease runs out Oct. 31st and I would like to to move out of state (from PA to TX), I'm concerned about receiving my liscense and then having to relinquish it almost immediately to apply in TX, seeing as Pa is not considered a "compacted" state.

    I'm wondering has anyone done this or had this issue and may have any advice??

    I have a very short deadline to make a decision as to where I'll be moving due to transfer of my section 8 housing voucher. I must give my landlord and the housing authority 90 days notice of my intent to terminate the lease...deadline is August 1st to submit the notice!! I must make them aware of where I intend to move so the housing authority can transfer my voucher to that state and prepare for my move.
    ANY advice please?!? Thank you in advance!

    Virginia :spin: