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    I know people who have passed with all 265 questions and almost 6 hours of grueling test taking!! Good luck and I hope you pass with flying colors!! :-)

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    I think that the most important thing is that nurses of all levels of education come together and work as a team in the clinical setting! It doesn't matter how you became an RN, just that you did it and you had the skills to get through school and pass that NCLEX! There are some nursing jobs that require different levels of education of course but if those are not of interest then who cares? We all know that it is about the patients and making them feel cared for and keeping them safe anyways... As for the whole nursing school rivalry comment... I think it depends on the school. The particular BSN program from which I graduated had a 100% NCLEX pass rate and we all know how to use a bedpan!! However, there are some other BSN programs in the area which have lower pass rates... it really depends on the teachers and the group of students. There are also ADN programs with 100% pass rates... so who needs to compete? We all share the same passion to care for the sick and to help people when they need us the most! :spin:

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    I agree... it is a lot of work to become a nurse!!! It gets confusing to patients as well when they are not sure who is actually their RN... When I was a nursing student I was always taught to clarify exactly what my position was so that patients and other staff would know what they could expect from me and what they could not. I think that goes for all hospital staff. It is very important to correctly identify oneself for patient safety and just legality!!