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  • Feb 19 '10

    I understand the choice to be a Vegan is a moral one, a disdain to the exploitation of animals in anyway shape or form such as, eating meat, drinking milk, cheese or even wearing leather shoes. This is a noble thing and I would not ever try to dissuade you to think otherwise but let me pose a question to you.

    As a medical person such as an EMT or nurse, how many times a day do you think you will administer drugs to many people? In case you have not considered this, chances are 10 out of 10 that those drugs were tested on animals prior to clinical trials. This is a sad reality but it is a necessary one to ensure the safety of a drug. Consider again the magnitude of peoples lives that have been saved by our furry little friends who were called to duty.

    Just like the use of animals in the betterment of mankind in the pharma industry, many school systems feel that hands on dissection of animal organs will make better medical professionals of its students and in return, lives will be saved.

    I have spoken to pharma people concerning this subject and they assured me that the animals are treated in the most humane way possible. After all, many scientist are animal lover too, but this is a necessary downside for the progression of medicine and the greater good.

    I don't know if any of this helps with your moral dilemma, but maybe it might.

  • Dec 13 '09

    Quote from natalie5785
    Ugh...I'm in Northern Virginia and still haven't heard anything. Now, I mostly hope I get in so I can beg the admissions office to do a better job of letting people know next year!!! Presuming they are still going to be calling people tomorrow and Tuesday, I think it's incredibly messed up to spread the announcements across a weekend. It has been BRUTAL knowing that my rejection/acceptance decision is already made and some people already know!!! It's just cruel.

    UGH. That being said, if I had gotten a letter/call already I might be singing a different tune. Congrats to all those accepted and chin up to those of us still waiting.
    I know I have the benefit of being free from the near paralytic anxiety alot of you are experiencing, but, and I'm not preaching here, it's important at this point to surrender to the opinion that they have reasons for informing acceptees as they have been. It's almost over (the wait, not your life) and you have made it through the weekend. If nothing else, a late notice will make it that more rewarding as you fall to your knees from exhaustion and excitement. This is equally exciting for them rather than being some form of calculated sadism.

  • Nov 6 '09

    I only know that generic FAU nursing only accepts about 30 students and something like 500 apply. So, you need a really nice GPA.