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    Quote from fromGNtoRN
    Congratulations to everyone who succeeded... and to those who will take (or retake) it in February, may God bless you with wisdom and understanding. Your humility and hardwork will soon be rewarded!
    I am an IEN in Alberta... when I was preparing for the exam I was unemployed with limited funds so I only did self-review. I borrowed the CRNE Prep Guide (5th ed.), Lippincott, and the Medical-Surgical Nursing Made Easy from the public library and did the CRNE online readiness test. I couldn't afford the review/preparation courses.
    On my own, I did a lot of simulated practice tests (200 questions in 4 hours) and even went to the venue one week before the exam date just to see what it's like to get up early and travel to the venue (I had to take the bus).
    Indeed, God is good, everything worked out in the end... and I PASSED!

    Congrats. From which country are you?

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    I'm a newbie RN and just found out that my employer pays for my license. Is it all over Canada? or just here in SK

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    Quote from Lily01
    I was just wondering about registration for your license. If I register before December 2011 will I be registered for 2012 or am I going to have to register again in 2012 and pay the fee again?

    In my case since I have a GN lisc valid til Nov 30/11, registrar told me that I can register for 2012, rather than spending twice for 2011 and 2012.

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    Hang on there. Just like you, before I received the result, Im sure of my self that I didn't make it. But if you find the exam hard, you'll pass. This was my second writing. When I did my first, Im so confident but then failed. And now, It makes me says its unbelievable I feel like Im dreaming Results now are early just 4 weeks

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    I am trembling and crying I passed the exam!!!! I just received the mail. I am from Saskatchewan!!!

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    I love this thread. I am also a new grad working in a med/surg and I am an IEN. I find it really difficult but you are all correct, everyday gets better. I like the phrase "there is no dumb questions". Now that I'll work without a buddy, I am not afraid to ask. Its better to ask than to make a serious mistake. Please keep advice, suggestions and comments coming as those are very helpful esp. emotionally.. thanks you made me feel competent, even if I don't before I stumble on this thread.

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    Yes totally clueless about it..

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    Just got home after the exam, it was so difficult. I cried while walking my way home. This is my second take.. I just don't know what to say... I feel terrible now

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    Hi Id like to invite expert nurses, also newbies to share your experience when you are in your first year of beginning period. They say that we learn through mistakes, but as a newbie I dont want to experience too many mistakes just to get hold of the right one. I've experienced making some, like failure to chart something or not to put bard in alarm during the night so as not to wake the patient. Can you please share what you have learned by your mistakes and how to prevent them..

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    I will be working tonight as a Grad Nurse and it will be my first shift. I am an IEN worked 3 years in OR and now I will be assigned in Gen Surgery ward. Though I have hospital experience back home, I feel that graduates from here are more equipped than me. Equipment, supplies and procedures are all new to me. I haven't started working but I feel like crying now . The orientation week was really overwhelming, how much more if I'm on the floor later. My probationary period will be two months, and I will work with a buddy for a month. What can you suggest so I can adjust easily?

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    Thank you so much Janfrn and Fiona.

    All the questions I have in my mind were answered by your explanations. I am really nervous to start my shift, but upon reading your views it gave me a sense of confidence how to handle those bothering issues. Good thing you clarified what is being assertive because I do consider myself apologetic many times. Janfrn, I appreciate the link. Fiona, about the invitations, I heard that "when you are not invited, they don't like you". As long as they remain professional, I won't have a problem with them as I am not really a sociable one.

    Its always good to receive advice from experienced people.

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    Janfrn, what you have written above are those what I really need. Thank you janfrn.

    How about working with people from different cultures. Are there any specific details that I need to know. What to avoid? Dos and Dont's thats not in the manual but frequently observed by many.

    I heard others say don't be so friendly, don't talk about your life as gossiping is one of the problems coworkers deal with, is that true? Another one had told me, "be assertive". and just followed up with "you'll know when you get there".

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    Hello everyone, as per the title I am an IEN, newly migrated (just 3 months) and newly hired as GN of RQHR. I understand that this will be very challenging for me as per the IEN thread info. I 'm done with the first week general orientation and will then be assigned at the Gen Surgery ward of Pasqua Hospital. I need specific advice about working there. This will be my first time to work in a multicultural environment.

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    Quote from pavu
    hi sashad,
    """hi mud, how do you know you failed by 6 points? the rn exam doesn't tell you how many points you fail by from what i understand, it just says you fail. how did you get that information """"

    they tell if u r on borderline...i aslo failed by just 2 points....110/ disappointed...and i already aplied to rewrite in october,2011..........

    my score was the most disappointing and frustrating.. just by one point, i remember changing an answer before i submit my answer sheet..i noticed that those who felt bad after the exam, were the ones who passed. and those who felt that the exam was easy, failed.

    oh well, i can't turn back time now, need to move forward... i congratulate those who passed, i envy you.

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    I failed with just one point only.. I scored 111 and the passing was 112.. How frustrating isn't? But life must go on..and nothing can hinder me to become a registered nurse..I still have two chances.. I am from SK and an IEN..