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    Quote from BUTTERFLY SRNA
    There has got to be something out there that's a lot less ditsy looking!
    Come on, let's look dignified, guys!!!

    Cute is for bedside..we're personable as CRNAs, but we have a serious side
    too, just let your compassionate personality show through!

    Any suggestions for a plain one that looks really professional like the docs?

    There are plain fabrics as well. (The "classic" line.) And personally, I think the blue sky ones are ALOT more professional looking than some of the other "bouffant" scrub caps on the market. As far as the "ditsy" comment, well, I see some medical professionals (MD's, PA's, CRNA's and nurses!) wearing a LOT worse around the hospital...

    ...the "cute is for bedside" comment was a little out of left field, by the way...there is nothing "ditsy" or undignified by wearing a patterned scrub cap, so long as it is professional looking and not too over the top.

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    I chose the option "we have IV therapy," because we do have an IV team at the hospital. However, we are required to try twice to establish IV access unless they have a history of being a difficult stick (dialysis patients, for example) and only then are we allowed to call the IV team. This is the protocol on night shift, at least, it is slightly different on days.

    The IV team also is merging with our former PICC team and does PICC insertions Monday through Friday, day shift only. They also do the dressing changes on the central lines. So, my "vote" was only partially correct, while we do have an IV therapy team, we also have the opportunity to start IV's as we almost always have an new admission, an IV needing rotating, or a confused patient yanking theirs out! :spin:

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    Cute fabric collection, well made, but a bit pricey....

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    I took Leslie's advice to heart and did a little reading...and found this. A mother's account of raising a transgendered child. Heartbreaking and poignant, it lends a whole new perspective to this issue for those of you who believe that a having a transgendered child equates to a raising a little girl being a tomboy. Not all things are so absolute, so black and white. Please read the following:

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    WOW, the new new one is bright! I liked the newer (all black) one...but if it was a choice between this one and the "old" one (with the yellow swoop), I'd take the old one. The .com in that bright yellow is a little too harsh.

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    was unsure whether this belongs in "current events" or "nursing news," but here we go:

    us doctors support universal health care- survey

    washington, march 31 (reuters) - more than half of u.s. doctors now favor switching to a national health care plan and fewer than a third oppose the idea, according to a survey published on monday.

    the survey suggests that opinions have changed substantially since the last survey in 2002 and as the country debates serious changes to the health care system.

    of more than 2,000 doctors surveyed, 59 percent said they support legislation to establish a national health insurance program, while 32 percent said they opposed it....

    (the entirety of the article can be found here: )

    one more step in the right direction!

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    Hi all...just waiting up until hubby gets home from work. I got off yesterday morning, crawled into bed, and didn't get up until 2200. The last three days at work were H-E-double hockey sticks and I'm still recovering....suffice it to say, the first two were so bad, I didn't leave til 0830 because of all the charting I had to catch up on! Aaargh!

    Anyways, I stayed up all night relaxing on the couch and watching The Darjeeling Limited and The Waitress. Both were great.

    I've missed all you peeps on the good morning threads, I need to get back in the swing of things on here! Good morning, Joe, Mary, Dairy, Bethin, and Julie! Hope you all have a terrific Tuesday, I'm off to bed! :spin:

    Edit: good morning to Sabby, Zuzi, and Angie also! Didn't forget you on purpose!

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    Not trying to derail the thread, but it is truly amazing what some people will pack...working at an ER reception desk throughout nursing school, we were required to ask patients if they were carrying a weapon, but it was impossible to ask visitors, etc. the same! Most of the patients carried pocketknives (4-5 inches at most) but it was not a rarity for a person to pull out a big hunting knife...and one guy was carrying a machete, strapped across his back under a coat!

    I'm all for metal detectors at entrances of hospitals, but #1 there simply isn't the manpower to enforce it, and #2 (as a previous poster suggested) I doubt new policies will come about unless we stand up and demand it. Unfortunately, this isn't a regular enough occurrence to warrant a change...

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    I like it, Brian...simple and concise.

    (But to be honest, now I find myself trying to remember what the previous one looked like! Oops...:icon_roll)

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    Quote from bethin
    Devil Duckie, did you see Jake Gyllenhaal in Jarhead?

    Oh, that dancing scene when he's wearing nothing but a well placed Santa hat is well worth it. Good movie too.
    No, I haven't seen it! Ok, that one's going on the "to rent while hubs is at work" list, haha!

    ...oh, and Arwen, not to brag or anything, but my hubs looks like a cute cross between Gael Garcia Bernal and Jake Gyllenhaal. Yummy!

    Suzy, great pic of John Cusack! He really is adorable in that cute puppy-dog -eyes kinda way. Have any of y'all seen "Serendipity"??? My personal favorite. :redpinkhe

    Alright, Steeeeve, since you already "butted in," now you can give us a few of your "picks." Do tell!

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    Hmmm, I could've sworn the thread was titled "one for the girls" but heck... At any rate, Steve, John Cusack is wonderful, and not too shabby to look at. Haven't you ever seen High Fidelity???

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    Ok, I'll bite...

    BESIDES the amazing hubs:

    Josh Hartnett


    yummy Ed Norton

    Gael Garcia Bernal (watch Motorcycle Diaries, if you haven't already!!!)

    .........and last but certainly not least (ladies, I could keep going for a few hours on this thread! )

    My very own Mr. Darcy:

    :bowingpur <-------- That's the best smiley I could come up with...there should be a "swooning" smiley. :redpinkhe

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    Hi all, long time, no talk! Been extremely busy work here lately AND the new puppy so I've just been lurking on here.I've missed you all! :spin: Promise to post puppy pics later as right now, I'm posting from my new blackberry pearl that I had to get to replace my old Sony that was chewed up by Riley pup. You can bet I'll be guarding this new one aLOT closer so he doesn't get his chompers on it! Hubs and I have a rare day off together and are trying to decide whether we'll lay low at the house tonigt (like two old fogies) or if we'll venture out. Anyways, have a great Saturday, peeps! (what's left of it!) dria, that's super exciting about the house! Best of luck with the house-hunting... :spin :

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    My personal opinion is that people have spoken their minds on either side of the issue, yet the supposedly "impartial" moderators have intervened and cut out opposing people's posts. A thread has not run its' course when it slightly veers off topic, as is the case with many threads on this board. If the mods were to be so heavy handed in every thread, we would never be able to have a complete conversation without a post being deleted for being "off topic." No one has violated terms of service or been outright hostile in this thread, so I see no reason to allow some a voice and prohibit others'.

    I now feel badly for starting the thread and (had I not been so busy with work this week) neglecting to participate. It seems like it has run amok with people injecting too much personal opinions. But, wait, isn't that what a discussion board is all about??? :icon_roll

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    Not harsh at all...thank you so much for your honesty, Mary. I agree wholeheartedly with everything you just said...I just wish I could sometimes voice that around my family without being accused of "unpatriotic."

    Anyhow, back to the topic at hand....

    I do admire Berkeley's gumption in this issue. Bravo to them for not backing down from their stand.